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Select CBD Review: A High Standard for Quality

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Lab results can be gotten by an online request
Janet Miller

Janet Miller

Last updated: February 18, 2020

Select CBD is a dynamic brand on a mission to change the way the hemp industry is viewed by delivering pure and healthy multiple hemp-infused products and packages.

The company offers a variety of CBD oils that are tested multiple times for purity and potency. This ensures that the final product is THC-free and has potent quantities of hemp.

What Are the Company’s CBD Products Good For?

  • Resetting after a long day by consuming hemp oils
  • Soothing and treating aches and pains by applying topical hemp products on the affected sites.
  • Recovery days

Select CBD Overview

Select CBD is a young brand that was founded more than two years ago. The brand name was changed from Select CBD to Social CBD, to reflect the dynamic nature of the hemp industry. CBD industry is rapidly developing; hence this brand started to create innovative products. The brand extracts CBD through the process of supercritical CO2. A clean process that is free from GMOs and pesticides and eliminates THC from the final product.

Social CBD is based in Portland, Oregon – it is the capital of the cannabis industry. All its products are totally plant-based relief. Moreover, its products are the highest purity, potency, and have exceptional flavor.

From oils to topicals to vape pens and gel capsules, the Social CBD brand aims at delivering a wholesome experience to CBD users. In addition to its variety of products, the Social CBD also provides a variety of flavors to choose from.

In addition to the broad spectrum drops and other products for humans, Social CBD has moved a step forward by producing a category ‘Social Pets’ that provides oils specific to the endocannabinoid systems of our pets. These have been made with clean, vegan ingredients, and come in multiple appealing flavors.

In order to maintain consistent results across batches, testing is outsourced to third-party laboratories, which have been certified by ISO1905:2015.

With affordable products that come in different concentrations, the Social CBD brand creates an open market for users to explore and purchase products tailored to their specific tastes.

What You Should Know About Select CBD’s Extraction Method?

The process of making CBD oil begins with the cultivation of hemp plants. Plants are grown free of pesticides and GMOs, making them natural, organic, and healthier. CBD is extracted from the plants using the supercritical carbon dioxide method. The supercritical CO2 extraction method uses carbon dioxide at low temperatures and high pressure to extract the compound.

This process is very effective in removing THC. The CBD extract is mixed with vegetable glycerine or hemp seed, which allows for conversion into forms that can be used, such as oils or capsules.

At multiple points in the extraction and preparation process, tests are carried out for purity to ensure the end product is potent and safe for consumption. This will guarantee that users get products that are uniform and yield the desired results after every single use.

Select CBD Product Line

Here is the list of the products that Social CBD has to offer to its customers. The variety of products is vast since the brand has even products for pets.

Select CBD Drops Collection

The brand offers CBD drops that come in 4 different flavors: Peppermint, Lemon Ginger, Lavender, and Unflavored drops.

These drops are made from leaves steeped in a unique blend for 48 hours to provide oils with aromatherapeutic properties to soothe, relax, and improve circulation. They are perfect for anyone who wants to reset after a busy day or want to pamper themselves. Drops can be diffused, incorporated into your bath, or used in massages with a carrier oil.

Select CBD Vape Pens Collection

Its vape pens come in Grapefruit, Lavender, Spearmint, Peppermint, Lemon, and Cinnamon flavors.

Vape pens work by combusting cannabis at a temperature that turns the active compound into vapor. These pens are perfect for those who want the discreet look of the vape pen. The vape chamber is filled with oil and puffed through the mouthpiece.

Select CBD Oils Collection

These oils come in six different flavors: Natural-flavored, Unflavored, Vanilla Mint, Cinnamon Leaf, Meyer Lemon, and Pomegranate Tea.

Oils have different CBD strength: from 375mg to 1500mg. The oils are perfect for anyone adventurous enough to explore the extensive effects multiple cannabinoids have to offer. Oils can be enjoyed with your cup of tea for a soothing experience.

Select CBD Topicals Collection

Topicals also come in different flavors: Lavender and Mint. They contain CBD and other ingredients formulated for direct application and absorption on the skin. They provide targeted relief to specific areas of the body. Topicals are a perfect fit for anyone who needs targeted relief. They are applied directly to the skin, where they release CBD over 24 hours.

Select CBD Gel Capsules Collection

CBD gel capsules come for different purposes such as Balance, Recover, Boost, and Rest.

Gel capsules are a blend of elements combined with hemp extract in them. These capsules are dietary supplements that can be taken once certified safe by your physician. They are easy to consume and can be ingested orally.

Select CBD for Pets Collection

Pet drops come in 4 flavors: Unflavored, Chicken, Peanut Butter, and Bacon. The drops are specially formulated broad-spectrum oils blended with natural vegan ingredients to create drops suitable for the well-being of our pets.

These pet drops are ideal for vertebrates with an endocannabinoid system. Drops can be added to drinking water, given orally, or placed on food.

Select CBD Patches Collection

The patch is applied directly to the skin, where it slowly releases pure hemp extract into the bloodstream over a period of hours. This enables targeted release to specific areas. The patch is suitable for people who want to get relief in specific parts of the body.

Select CBD Lab Test Results

The company conducts third-party testing on all its CBD products. But the manufacturer is not posted its lab results directly on the website. They test their products for the presence of THC. It tests for things like heavy metals and pesticides.

Third-party testing of the brand’s products is outsourced to ISO1905:2015 certified laboratories to ensure purity and potency are maintained.

Brand’s Discounts

The brand offers discounts to veterans, active-duty personnel, dependents, and to first responders on all Social CBD products for life. Service members will be provided an online account after service status has been approved and given codes for discounts on purchases.


How Do I Know When My Social CBD Disposable Pen Is Depleted?

There is a decline in the amount of vapor produced when you puff, and the flavor changes to the basic taste once the liquid in the cartridge is depleted. Once this happens, you will have to dispose of the empty cartridge in pen and replace it with a new one.

How Do I Use a Social CBD Disposable Pen?

Select’s pens come with pre-filled cartridges, thus eliminating the need to fill your pen. Take small puffs to gauge the effect of the oil. When done, turn off the pen to prevent burnout.

How Do Select CBD Pens Work?

The pens contain a rechargeable battery, an atomizer, a cartridge, a sensor, and a mouthpiece. Sucking on the mouthpiece sends a charge to the sensor, which heats the atomizer. The atomizer heats the oil in the cartridge transforming it into vapor. The user can then puff the vapor.

What Is the Difference Between CBD Products for Pets and Humans?

The products for pets contain a mix of CBD extract, fractionated coconut oil, and natural herbs and spices, while CBD oil is made of CBD extract enriched with essential oils, and is suitable only for human use.

How Do I Use Select CBD Drops?

Most hemp oils come with dosage instructions to guide you, but oils can be diffused, puffed using a vape pen, added to baths, and ingested orally by placing a dropper full under the tongue.

The pen blinks when the atomizer heats up. This means that the oil in the cartridge is being heated.

Product Offerings

Category Social dropsSocialCBD-Drops-Lavender-image Topicals
Social pets
Vape pensSelectCBD-Blend-Lemon-image
Concentrations500-2000mg400mg per stick; 250mg CBD extract per tube; 20mg CBD per patch33.33mg per cap with 30 gel caps per bottle250-750mg0.5g CBD extract in one vape pen
Extraction C02-ExtractionC02-ExtractionC02-ExtractionC02-ExtractionC02-Extraction
Lab Testing Third-party certified Third-party certified Third-party certified Third-party certified Third-party certified

The Competitors

Select CBD vs. Wildflower

Select CBD is noted for transparency, and safety tests can be viewed online with the Lab ID and Lot ID. Wildflower’s stated values of openness and sustainability are at odds with their lack of available safety tests and their unnecessarily large carbon footprint.

Select CBD vs. Green Roads

Unlike Social CBD, which offers both broad-spectrum and drops, Green Roads offer only broad-spectrum oils. This is unsuitable for users who want just the taste of CBD with minimal effects. Social CBD drops can meet this need without the incorporation of other cannabinoid substances. Social has also been featured in publications highlighting its authenticity and has a variety of products when it comes to flavors compared to the Green Roads brand.

Final Thoughts


Social CBD products are ideal for users who want to explore the healthy, holistic properties of hemp in various forms. Social CBD extraction is done by the supercritical CO2 extraction method, which eliminates carcinogens. Hence, it is recommended as an excellent alternative to traditional cannabis combustion methods.

The brand offers products with great tasting and exciting flavors and fragrances to choose from. The products have been certified safe by third-party labs and maintain the highest purity and potency available on the market.

We are curious to know which Social CBD products you have used, if you enjoyed the experience and which was your favorite.

  • High-quality products
  • Good value for money
  • Wide range of products
  • Lab results can be gotten only by an online request


Janet Miller

Janet Miller

Janet is a medical specialist with 10 years of experience as a physician and writing passion. She aims to help people and expand humans mindset. Chat with Janet on Twitter @Janet_Miller_MD or via our contact page.


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