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Savage CBD Review: What You Should Know Before Trying These Products?

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CBD Oils, Tinctures, Edibles, Drinks, Epsom Salts, Softgels, Topicals, Cartridges, Vape Juices, Pens, CBD for Pets
Hemp Source:
Colorado, Oregon, Wisconsin, Europe
Lab results available on the website
Janet Miller

Janet Miller

Last updated: February 23, 2020

Savage CBD is an online shop based in California that offers more than 50 different cannabidiol-based products. The brand offers a bunch of different products from CBD vape juices, tinctures to topicals, edibles, drinks, and even pet products.

The manufacturer pinpoints that they obtain hemp from reliable sources. Additionally, they aim to maintain strict quality control and ensure products comply with all the latest standards and regulations.

What Is Savage CBD Oil Good for?

  • Consumers might experience pain relief despite the type of pain they feel.
  • Users might also note stress relief, which makes this product popular for calming down and feeling better.
  • A wide range of items that suit both beginners and advanced users.
  • Easy to use products packed in attractive boxes.
  • Experience positive effects without getting high because the products do not contain any psychoactive properties

Savage CBD Overview

The company specializes in selling products that contain cannabidiol. Cannabidiol is one of the cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. Savage CBD products contain a low dose of THC, and the manufacturer promises to keep it under 0.3%. That means all products comply with the latest federal regulations, and it also guarantees that these ingredients will not get you high.

The main office of the company is in Irvine, California. As a US-based online shop, it offers free shipping on all orders in the United States. Other benefits might include gifts, as well as bundle deals and discounts. The company provides both retail and wholesale opportunities and an affiliate program.

The company promises to offer top-quality cannabidiol, and the website pinpoints that’s what helped them to establish as one of the industry leaders. The brand’s products pass third-party lad tests to ensure that they are high-quality.

The website contains a contact section that allows users to send a message to the company, and they also have a phone number available.

What Should You Know About Savage CBD Oil Extraction?

The company pinpoints that transparency is their primary concern. That is why the public can read the lab test results of various items, as well as learn more about the extraction process. The information provided includes details related to quality control, lab, and other testing done on the company’s products.

The website implies the company favorites the CO2 extraction method, but it doesn’t specify if this is the only standard it follows.

On the other hand, the cannabidiol that the company purchases must comply with these requirements:

  • Passing the test related to the presence of heavy metals and pesticides and determining the potency of the compound.
  • Incorporating samples into products to ensure that the desired quality is achieved.

The company sources hemp from Colorado, Oregon, Wisconsin, and even Europe.

Savage CBD Product Line

Here is the list of the products that Savage CBD has to offer to its customers.

Vape Pens and Cartridges

Vaping fans can pick between the following choices:

  • Cartridges
  • Pens
  • Vape Juices


Cartridges are an essential component of the vaping equipment. The company offers Natural Full Spectrum Cartridge, as well as alternatives that include Strawberry Citrus and Pineapple, as well as their isolates.

Isolates are cheaper and cost $38.99, while the default price of Full Spectrum cartridges is $59.99.


Those who consider pens their favorite can pick from six options, such as Strawberry Melon, Mango Citrus, Berry Mint, Relax, Sweet Dreams, and Classic Active 250MG Pen. All products cost $39.99, although the price can be lower in case of a sale.

Vape Juices

Savage CBD vape juice is an e-liquid that users should place in their vaping equipment. Savage CBD Passion seems to be the most popular flavor with the unique sweet and sour combination. Other flavors include Serene, Tranquil, Straw Nanners, Vape Shot, Kiwi Dragon Berry, Hustle, Fiji Melons, and Driven.

Consumers can pick between three options – 250, 500, and 1.000mg. The prices vary depending on the strength and range from $32.99 to $59.99.

CBD Oils and Tinctures

Tinctures are among the most common ways of consuming cannabidiol. It does not come as a surprise that the manufacturer offers this item in multiple flavors.

Pink grapefruit, peach, lemon-lime, and cucumber are among the available flavors, which increases the odds of suiting everyone’s preferences.

Users can also choose the tincture strength, which varies from 1000m to 2.000mg CBD. The price goes from $99.99 to $149.99, depending on the strength.

CBD for Pets

Dogs, cats, and other pets might experience pain relief with cannabis-based products. Even the pickiest pets should like the tasty Full Spectrum CBD Pet Treats with 5mg of cannabidiol oil per treat. The price of a pack that contains 30 items of different flavors is $39.99.

The company also offers pet sprays and shampoos, which might help to include cannabidiol into the animal’s daily routine.

CBD Edibles and Drinks

How does it sound to be able to drink or eat cannabidiol and experience its effects? CBD gummies can be the best candy that you can use on the go. Users can also choose various drinks filled with original Savage CBD ingredients.

Both gummies and drinks feature different flavors. For example, the company offers Orange-Ade, Pink Lemonade, and classic Lemonade drinks, which are all available for $34.99. Consumers may also test Revive CBD Wellness Shots, which cost $6.99 per jar, or $19.99 for a three-jar pack.

CBD Epsom Salts

Epsom salts can help to exfoliate your skin and improve its appearance. Together with CBD, they might also provide pain relief and an overall relaxing effect. Users can pick between three formulas:

  • Revitalize – the product includes the Dead Sea and Hawaiian sea salt.
  • Relax – the formula includes Himalayan sea salt and lavender.
  • Detox – a cleansing formula with Black Lava Hawaiian Sea salt and Dead Sea salt.

Each bottle comes with eight ounces (240 grams) of product and 150mg of cannabidiol. When using it, make sure to soak salts in warm running water for 20-30 minutes.

CBD Softgels Review

The company offers two different options for purchasing softgels:

  • 8-count pack available for $39.99
  • 30-count pack available for $90.99

The small pack is ideal if you want to test the capsules before using them in the long run. Each pill offers 25mg of CBD, which puts the total CBD quantity in the big jar at 750mg. Apart from CBD oil, the capsules also contain glycerin, gelatin, opacifier, and water.

CBD Topicals Review

Topicals are a great choice for users who do not like swallowing soft gels or vaping Savage CBD Oil. It is simple to apply these items as all it takes is to rub them on the desired application areas.

Full Spectrum CBD Balm is the budget pick among the available topicals. Each pack offers two ounces (57 grams) of this product. The ingredients include hemp extract and a variety of plant-based oils, including rosemary leaf, lemon peel, lavender, organic coconut, grapeseed, etc.

Other products in the category include a CBD Roll-On, Sunscreen, Lavender Citrus Lotion, as well as Full Spectrum Aloe Vera.

CBD Box Review

CBD box is a special deal that includes signing up for a monthly delivery of the selected company’s products. It is an option for frequent buyers to utilize Savage CBD wholesale prices and get their goods at a budget-friendly deal.

Three tiers are available:

  • Tier one – the basic level that costs $39.99 each month.
  • Tier two – the most popular tier available for $89.99
  • Tier three – a premium package priced at $199.99 per month.

Savage CBD Lab Test Results

The company understands that it is not easy to earn users’ trust. That is why they published lab reports on their website.

An entire section offers lab results on tested raw ingredients, as well as other products made by this company. That includes edibles, cartridges, tinctures, Epsom salts, and other items.

Savage CBD Discounts

Activating a Savage CBD coupon might reduce the price of various products for 10% or more. If you visit the company’s website regularly, you might encounter sales, bundles, and holiday deals on selected items.

The best offer available seems to be a military discount. It is specifically designed for people who served in the U.S. Armed Forces. Although the site does not specify the actual discount, you might save up to 15% on the selected items.


How to Vape Savage 500mg CBD Oil?

There is no need for special equipment when vaping Savage CBD oil. Any setup will do, although pod devices might be most suitable for beginners. Always use low wattage when possible, and do not forget to follow the instructions when it comes to quantity. It might take a week or two to optimize the dosage.

How Much Is the Military Discount on Savage CBD?

The military discount reduces the prices of the company’s products for all veterans and those who served in the Armed Forces. The company doesn’t specify, but the savings can go up to 15% or more.

Apart from this discount, consumers can also look forward to sales, bundles, and special offers around the holidays.

How Many Drops of Savage CBD to Add to Coffee?

Caffeine fans will appreciate the opportunity to mix CBD oil and coffee. It can be a great way to jumpstart the day, but what about the exact numbers of drops to add to your beverage?

That will depend on the tincture strength and individual tolerance level. Make sure to follow the instructions to determine the optimal dosage.

What Is Savage CBD Oil Made Of?

Tinctures include Full Spectrum Cannabidiol of various strengths. The formula also includes hemp seed oil, MCT oil, as well as essential oils and terpenes. Depending on the flavor selected, the product might include flavorings, too. You can find specified ingredients for all items on the website.

How to Use Savage CBD?

The brand covers various products, and users can pick between edibles, drinks, tinctures, vapes, and other items. Product type will determine how to use it, which is why each item comes with instructions. Make sure to read the manual and follow the recommended methods and doses.

Product Offerings

Category Oils and Tincturessavagecbd-peach-tinctures-image Edibles and Drinkssavage-cbd-drink-Revive-image Epsom Saltssavage-cbd-Detox-image Topicals
CBD for Petssavagecbd-Pet-Spray-image
Concentration1000-2000mg per pack125-300mg per pack150mg per pack100-750mg per pack150-500mg per pack
Extraction methodCO2 ExtractionCO2 ExtractionCO2 ExtractionCO2 ExtractionCO2 Extraction
THC Content<0.3%<0.3%<0.3%<0.3%<0.3%
Lab TestedYes Yes Yes Yes Yes

How Does the Company Compare to Competitors?

Savage CBD vs. Koi CBD

Two companies offer similar product types, although there are small differences. For example, Koi CBD also has 250mg tinctures, as well as strong 2000mg alternatives. A store finder will help those who prefer purchasing their products offline. Koi also offers lab results publicly and includes a story about the company’s history.

Savage CBD vs. Ignite CBD

Ignite CBD offers approximately 20 different products, which is three times less than the number of items found in the Savage CBD shop. However, the manufacturer specializes in vaping equipment and might be a good choice for those who prefer this way of consuming cannabidiol. Apart from vape pens, Ignite also offers orals, tinctures, as well as apparel and accessories.

Final Thoughts about Savage CBD


The company offers a wide range of products containing cannabidiol. Thanks to that, it can suit various preferences. The company’s portfolio includes vaping equipment, tinctures, topicals, edibles, drinks, and many other items. Consumers can choose the desired cannabidiol strength, which gives plenty of room for both beginners and advanced users to experiment.

The manufacturer tries to act transparently. Although you cannot find much information about the company’s history, they publicly reveal extraction details, as well as lab test results. Additionally, they claim to maintain high-quality and aim to offer items that deliver the promised benefits.

Have you tried the company’s products, and you think differently than our Savage CBD Oil review? Please do not hesitate to share your thoughts and experiences with this manufacturer!

  • A wide selection of products and flavors
  • Pick the desired cannabidiol
  • Lab test results are publicly available
  • Military discount, holiday deals, and other sales
  • The website contains limited information about the company
  • No returns available


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