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Lazarus Naturals Review: Ethical and Affordable CBD

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Janet Miller

Janet Miller

Last updated: December 24, 2019

Lazarus Naturals is a US-based CBD company that sells tincture oils, skincare products, and more. Their high-quality items have a high range of CBD oil concentrations, and there are options for those wanting to avoid THC.

Their fast delivery, low prices, and a wide range of products make them a great company from which to buy CBD oil.

These Products are Good For:

  • Relieving stress and anxiety and mitigating the symptoms of various health disorders
  • Itchy skin and painful joints and muscles
  • Making CBD enhanced foods
  • Keeping pets healthy

Overview of Lazarus Naturals Inventory and Benefits

Lazarus Naturals is an employee-owned, American company that sells a wide variety of CBD products, including tincture oils, pet oils, and even stylish merchandise. Their hemp oil inventory is mostly vegan, and the products that are not vegan have ingredients like beeswax. All of their items are gluten-free.

These oils are lower priced than other products on the market thanks to their innovative use of ethanol extraction technology. Ther CBD is highly pure and free of heavy metals and toxic pesticides.

Their company offers a wide range of hemp oil concentrations, and they also have THC-free options for those concerned about failing a drug test.

Another positive thing about this company is that they are community-oriented, having a program that makes their products more accessible to disadvantaged groups like the poor, disabled, and veterans dealing with psychological trauma related to their service.

Other benefits to shopping with this firm include fast and efficient delivery, opportunities for discounts, and a great team of representatives oriented toward customer satisfaction.

What Extraction Method Does Lazarus Naturals Use?

Lazarus uses the ethanol extraction method to get its hemp oil. This method involves using a solvent to extract the cannabinoids from the hemp plant. The result is a cannabis hemp oil that is 99 percent pure and is of much better quality than hemp oils made through other extraction processes.

Also, this innovative purification method is much more cost-effective, resulting in a less expensive product because the machinery used is less complicated.

Lazarus Naturals Product Line

Here is the list of the products that Lazarus Naturals have to offer to the customers.

Lazarus Naturals Review: CBD Tinctures

Lazarus has eight different tincture hemp oils in their inventory.

These tincture hemp oils are for those desiring a product that has high bioavailability. Users looking for hemp oil that is fast-acting and highly absorbent will appreciate these items.

Tinctures are used by placing the desired amount of drops beneath the tongue and allowing 30 to 90 seconds for them to absorb. The mouth’s mucous membranes take in the CBD and direct it to the bloodstream.

Lazarus Naturals Review: CBD Capsules

There are a wide variety of capsules in these product categories:

  • 10 mg Full-Spectrum Capsules
  • 25 mg Full-Spectrum Capsules
  • 50 mg Full-Spectrum Capsules
  • Energy Blend 25 mg CBD Isolate Capsules (THC Free)
  • Relaxation Blend 25 mg CBD Isolate Capsules (THC Free)
  • 100 mg Full Spectrum CBD Soft Gels

The purpose of capsules and gels is to provide relief to inflammation, anxiety, and other health concerns without having to resort to tinctures, vaping, or other forms of CBD hemp oil intake.

These products are meant for those wanting a CBD product that is both discreet and effective. Use these items by swallowing them with the aid of a glass of water.

Lazarus Naturals Review: Balms

Lazarus has a variety of skin care products:

  • Portland Rose Full Spectrum CBD Balm
  • Unscented Full Spectrum CBD Balm
  • Evergreen Ember Full Spectrum CBD Balm
  • Lavender Full Spectrum CBD Balm
  • Cedar Citrus Full Spectrum CBD Balm
  • Soothing Mint Full Spectrum CBD Balm
  • Full Spectrum CBD Massage Hemp Oil

Balms are applied to areas of the skin that are inflamed, irritated, or otherwise bothersome. The massage oil is useful for those wanting a deep, full-body relaxation for their clients or partners. These products are helpful for anyone who wants to use CBD hemp oil to get healthier skin.

Use the balms by applying them to areas of the skin that need attention. Apply the massage oil liberally and work it into the body as one would do with regular massage oil.

Lazarus Naturals Review: CBD for Pets

Lazarus has products for pet health, too:

  • Calming Full Spectrum CBD Oil
  • Sensitive Pet CBD Oil Tincture (THC Free)

These products help to promote joint and muscle health in pets while helping to calm them down after bouts of excitement. They are ideal for pet owners who want an effective and natural way to maintain the health of their pets.

Administer these drops orally or put them in the animal’s food before serving.

Lazarus Naturals RSO Review

“Rick Simpson Oil” is available in 10 and 50 ml sizes, and each milliliter contains 100 mg of CBD hemp oil. RSOs are CBD products specially made for users wanting a more efficient way to control their dosage.

With these products, it is easier to control the serving size than it is with a dropper. What is more, they are highly versatile. Use them sublingually, add the drops to food, or use them to make edibles.

Lazarus Naturals Review: CBD Isolates

Lazarus has Cycling Frog CBD isolate (terpene infused or raw), and bulk CBD isolate. Both of these products are THC-free. These CBD isolates are useful for decreasing the symptoms of depression, inflammation, and pain.

These products are the perfect fit for those looking to add CBD hemp oil to their food items. Use this product in formulations so that it is diluted; it is not meant for direct consumption.

Lazarus Naturals Coconut Oil Review

They have a coconut oil product that is infused with up to 1,200 mg of CBD hemp oil, and it contains 50 mg per teaspoon. It is vegan-friendly and contains no artificial flavors, preservatives, or sweeteners. Coconut oil is useful for cooking, and it is suitable for direct consumption, too.

This product is desirable for those who want to use CBD to spice up their food. To get the most out of this item, measure out doses with a teaspoon and add it to whatever is being cooked or baked following the recipe being followed.

Lazarus Naturals Merch Review

Lazarus has ballcaps, beanies, t-shirts, and even water bottles on sale. Their apparel is stylish and useful and great for those who live active lifestyles.

Wear and use these clothing items for any purpose.

Lazarus Naturals Bundles Review

Lazarus has bundle items in addition to individual products. They have, for example:

  • Day and Night Sample Pack: One balm and two bottles of capsules
  • CBD Topical Collection: Two balms and one bottle of massage oil
  • Full Spectrum High Potency Pack: One tincture, balm, and bottle of capsules

These bundle packs serve a variety of purposes, ranging from skincare to muscle and joint health. The bundle packs are suitable for users who want to get a wide range of products at a bargain price. Use each of these items following their specific directions.

CBD Lab Test Results and Consumer Experience

Lazarus has all of their products lab-tested to ensure they meet the company’s high standards. An added benefit to shopping with this company is that they are highly reputable.

The vast majority of their products are rated over four stars on Amazon. Another good reason to shop with them is that they have an assistance program for veterans, the disabled, and low-income people. Plus, they have live customer service that can be reached by phone or email.

Lazarus Naturals Delivery Policy

Their products are available in all 50 states, and they ship internationally. However, they advise their customers to check up on the laws regarding recreational and medical cannabis before making a purchase.

Lazarus offers free three-day shipping for all orders, and they ship them the same day if the order is placed before 12:00 pm Pacific Time Monday through Saturday. Customers can also choose two-day air and next day air for an added fee.

Lazarus Naturals Discounts

Lazarus Naturals wants to make its products available for everyone. As was mentioned, they have their assistance program for veterans, the disabled, and low-income people. This program provides a lifetime 60% discounts to special customers.


Where to Buy

Product Table

Category Tinctures



Pet CBD Oil

Concentration225 - 6,000 mg10 - 50 mg200 - 1,600 mg225 - 900 mg10 - 50 ml
Extraction MethodEthanol ExtractionEthanol ExtractionEthanol ExtractionEthanol ExtractionEthanol Extraction
THC Content0 - 0.3% THC0 - 0.3% THC0 - 0.3% THC0 - 0.3% THC0 - 0.3% THC
Lab TestedYesYesYesYesYes

Final Words about Lazarus Naturals


All of the companies this site reviews are good, but this one is exceptional. Not just because of the vast amount of quality products they have in their inventory, but because of their assistance programs for the needy.

Additionally, their products are suitable for all users regardless of their budget, and they have a variety of applications, making this company highly versatile.

If you are a customer of Lazarus Naturals, and you would like to share your experiences shopping with this company, please shoot us an email or a comment. Your input helps make our articles more informative than they would be otherwise.

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