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Koi CBD Review: A Variety of High-Quality CBD Products

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Janet Miller

Janet Miller

Last updated: February 13, 2020

Koi CBD has recently seen a significant spike in popularity, and that’s likely due to Koi’s reputation for using natural, high-quality ingredients. All of Koi’s products are clearly labeled, so there are no guessing games when it comes to ingredients and CBD strength.

Koi CBD features a wide variety of high-quality CBD products that range from edibles to cartridges to bottles of hemp-derived oil.

Plus, all of Koi’s products are 100% natural, 99%+ pure CBD, and manufactured in an ISO certified laboratory.

Koi CBD: Brand Overview

Koi CBD started its business back in 2015, and it is headquartered in the United Kingdom, but they have offices in the US too. They source hemp materials from organic farms that are based in Colorado. After cultivation, they sent off their hemp pharmaceutical-grade extraction facility. It uses supercritical CO2 methods. It allows for getting pure and high-quality hemp.

The brand offers six flavored oil tinctures to choose from for the more traditional CBD users. They range from $39.99 to $169.99 with concentration options ranging from 250mg to 2000mg.

Koi uses a proprietary, full-spectrum CBD blend in their oils that they call Koi PRIZM™. This blend is totally free of THC and includes a variety of different cannabinoids as well as 13 different terpenes.

As for vape juices, Koi CBD offers seven oils to choose from. It is an excellent offer for those who love to vape their CBD.

For those who prefer a Juul-style cartridge vape session, Koi actually has a few of their own CBD vape pens. The most recent is called the Koi Zen, and it comes with a refillable cartridge.

Those are the most widely sought after hemp products offered by Koi, but they provide a wide variety of other CBD products. For instance, they offer gummies, topical products like balms and lotions, and even hemp products for pets!

For those that are absolutely thrilled with their Koi purchase, Koi’s online shop even features a merchandise page with some very stylish apparel.

Koi CBD Review: The Line of Premium Products

Koi CBD has a wide variety of products. Here is the list of the CBD products that this brand offers to its customers.

Koi CBD Vape Juice Collection

Koi offers seven CBD vape juices, each with its own distinct flavor and four different CBD strengths to choose from.

Koi’s CBD Oil Vape Juice: White

Koi’s white vape juice is a flavorless, CBD-infused vape juice. Its flavors can be limited, as they’re not as common as regular vape juices. However, with this flavorless vape juice from Koi, you can effectively turn any vape juice on the market into a hemp vape juice. Just choose any vape juice and mix in some of Koi’s White juice.

Buying juice with a higher concentration of CBD means that the user does not need to use as much of it. Plus, every CBD strength option costs a little less than the option below it in terms of price per milligram.

This vape juice gives the user a near-infinite number of flavor options, and they never have to wonder whether or not that hemp vape juice is of premium quality.

Koi’s CBD Oil Vape Juice: Blue

For those that prefer to buy CBD juices that are already flavored, there is no going wrong with Koi’s flavored hemp vape juices. One of their most popular flavored vape juices is Blue.
Koi’s Blue vape juice has an unusual flavor combination of blue raspberry and dragonfruit.

This flavor combination is absolutely delicious. Users can expect that same quality from Koi’s Blue vape juice as the rest of their vape juices. It comes in four different CBD strengths: 100mg, 250mg, 500mg, and 1000mg.

Every bottle is clearly and accurately labeled in terms of the juice’s CBD strength, and the juice that they use is 100% natural.

Koi’s CBD Vape Juice Variety Pack

This vape juice variety pack is trendy, especially among newcomers. If every flavor is too appealing to choose only one, the Koi vape juice variety pack is the way to go.

Koi offers seven vape juices in total, and of those seven, the customer is free to choose the five that appeal to them the most when ordering the variety pack.

The best thing about Koi’s vape juice variety pack is the potential savings. Buying five juices from Koi with their variety pack option is a lot less expensive than buying them individually.

For instance, five 250mg bottles would usually cost about $200, but with the variety pack, it will only cost $159.95.

Koi Naturals Best Selling CBD Tinctures

Koi offers a line of six excellent hemp oil tinctures, each with its own distinct flavor and four different CBD strengths to choose from.

Koi Naturals Oil Tinctures: Natural

The CBD used in Koi Naturals is 100% natural. Plus, they are 99%+ natural CBD and totally free of THC. For those that prefer the taste of natural hemp, Koi Naturals’ Natural flavor is the way to go.

Koi already uses 100% natural flavors in all of their CBD tinctures, but their Natural flavor is the purest way to experience the raw flavor of hemp.

Koi Naturals: Peppermint Flavor

This Koi Naturals tincture has a blast of flavor. For those that prefer some flavor in their oil tinctures, its oil tinctures can also come with an added peppermint flavor. The additional peppermint flavor is, of course, 100% natural.

CBD’s natural, earthy flavor pairs surprisingly well with the cool, strong flavor of peppermint. This minty hemp oil tincture from Koi is absolutely delicious, and it’s a big hit with Koi’s customers for that reason.

Like all of the Koi Naturals CBD oil tinctures, Koi’s peppermint flavor is 100% natural. Plus, it uses 99%+ natural CBD and is totally free of THC. Those looking for a refreshing and minty CBD oil tincture really have something to love with Koi Naturals’ Peppermint flavor.

Koi Naturals: Variety Pack

Koi offers a total of six hemp oil tinctures, and with the variety pack, the customer can choose the four that appeal to them the most.

With the Koi Naturals variety pack, customers can mix and match juices, and they can even order four of the same kind if they wish to do so.

The variety pack is great for newcomers that want to try all of the flavors to find their favorite, but it is also great for experienced customers that want to save some money by buying in bulk.

Buying four 250mg tinctures individually would cost about $160, but with the variety pack, the same order only costs $128.

Other Koi CBD Items

Koi offers a wide variety of products, including vape pens, cartridges, some delicious hemp chewable gummies, and even hemp products for pets. Koi CBD has to offer something for everyone.

Koi Zen: An Ultra-Portable Vape for CBD

Ultra-portable cartridge for vaping becomes one with the Koi’s Zen vape. It features a long-lasting 520mAh battery that comes in a sleek, compact shell. It is only compatible with Koi’s propriety Koi Zen cartridges.

The Koi Zen is not compatible with a wide variety of cartridges like the Koi Max. However, the Koi Zen cartridges are refillable, so they can still be used with virtually any vape juice.

Charging the Koi Zen vape is both easy and convenient, as it utilizes a micro-USB charging connection. It comes with its own micro-USB charging cable. If it gets lost, a lot of people still have multiple micro-USB cables around the house, and they tend to be pretty inexpensive.

Koi Hemp Extract CBD Pet Soft Chews

Koi’s soft chews were formulated by veterinarians with the health of pets in mind, and they are some of the healthiest hemp treats for pets. Soft chews contain absolutely no THC and no GMO.

They are made with 100% pure, full-spectrum CBD, making them not only one of the healthiest hemp snacks for pets, but one of the most effective hemp snacks for pets as well.

Each bag is $29.99 and comes with 25 chewable treats per bag. Each treat contains 2mg of CBD. Koi even offers the following dosage recommendations for pets:

  • Small Pets (25lbs-): 1-2 per day
  • Medium Pets (25-75lbs): 2-3 per day
  • Large Pets (75lbs+): 3-4 per day

Koi CBD’s Body Products

Koi has a few topical products available for purchase. Topical products like lotions and balms are meant to be absorbed through the skin.

Koi CBD: Healing Balm

Koi’s healing balm is another topical product that is very popular among CBD users. This CBD balm is made using nothing but natural ingredients, just like the rest of the Koi product line.

Made with 500mg of Koi’s proprietary PRIZM CBD blend, this healing balm promotes healthy skin, and it is great for the reduction of inflammation. Plus, it is rich in Phytocannabinoids and contains absolutely no THC.

The full-sized container of Koi’s Healing Balm costs $84.99, while its travel-sized container is only $19.99.

How to Use Koi CBD Products?

When it comes to using CBD of any kind, the directions really depend on the product. For instance, using hemp vape juice is as simple as using it to fill a tank or cartridge and vaping. Alternatively, using topical lotions and balms is as simple as applying it to the skin.

To use hemp gummies, just chew and swallow the preferred dosage. The number of gummies will depend on the user’s preferred CBD dosage as well as the strength of the gummies that they purchase.

Using such products for pets is quite straightforward. There usually will not be any trickery involved when getting pets to eat their soft chews, as pets love the taste of these bacon-flavored hemp treats.

Koi CBD Lab Results

Koi makes all of its hemp products in an ISO certified laboratory. They really go the extra mile to make sure that the advertised CBD strength on their products’ packages is as accurate as possible. All of their ingredients are completely natural and can be traced back to their source.

Koi CBD Customer Rating

The brand makes premium hemp products, and its superb quality is reflected in Koi CBD’s user reviews.

The online community evaluation for Koi is 4.9/5. They are only 0.1% away from a perfect 5-star customer score, and with that many reviews, it really does not get much better.

Koi CBD Delivery

These days, shipping is faster than ever before, and Koi is no exception. According to user reviews, Koi products typically take anywhere from 2-4 days to arrive.

The Competition

Koi CBD vs. Hemp Bombs

Hemp Bombs is a brand with a wide variety of products. In this way, they are very similar to Koi. Hemp Bombs only partners with Cannabis farmers that show consistent quality in their products, so they’re also a lot like Koi in terms of their commitment to quality.

Just like Koi, Hemp Bombs’ CBD is 99%+ pure. However, Koi CBD has the edge when it comes to quality, as they make all of their products in an ISO certified laboratory.

If Hemp Bombs uses the same kind of lab, they neglected to specify this fact, and most brands that use an ISO certified lab are rather eager to make the fact known.

Koi CBD vs. CBDfx

CBDFX is a lot like Hemp Bombs in terms of their quality assurance. They only partner with Cannabis farms that show a commitment to consistent quality.

However, they also face the same problem that Hemp Bombs faces, and this very problem is what gives Koi CBD its edge. CBDfx, like Hemp Bombs, does not seem to make its products in an ISO certified laboratory.

Again, most brands that use an ISO certified laboratory are very eager to let their customers know. An ISO certification is basically a stamp of approval that lets everyone know that the brand’s products are made in an optimal environment.

Final Thoughts about Koi CBD


Koi CBD is a brand that offers a wide variety of hemp products, from gummies to pet treats to vape juice. They even make their own ultra-portable vape pen explicitly made for hemp vape juice.

All of the brand’s products are of premium quality with extremely accurate CDB strengths. They really go the extra mile to ensure that their products are the best on the market.

The company does this by using methods that often take longer than those used by opposing CBD brands and by making all of their products in a high-quality, ISO certified laboratory.

Customers of Koi CBD should comment below and let us know about their shopping experience. Love Koi CBD? Tell us why! If you have had a negative experience, let us know about it too.

  • All products made in an ISO certified laboratory
  • Koi has a wide variety of hemp products to choose from
  • Koi uses a proprietary full-spectrum blend of CBD
  • All ingredients used are natural
  • None of their products ever contain THC
  • Lotion only comes in one size


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