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Diamond CBD: The Company, the Products & the Competition

A Leader in CBD Production

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Kentucky, Colorado, Scandinavia
CO2 Extraction
Lab results available on the website
Janet Miller

Janet Miller

Last updated: October 3, 2019

Diamond CBD is new on everybody’s tongue when talking about CBD products. This article will look at why Diamond CBD is so successful. It will highlight the aims and goals of the company, how the hemp is grown and the CBD sourced. A list and description of the product line will also be provided, while also looking at the competitors. All this will be explored to answer the question: Why do Customers Love Diamond CBD?

Diamond CBD Products are Good For:

  • Stress-relief
  • Anxiety
  • Pain relief

Diamond CBD: The History

Diamond CBD was born in 2015 and, seemingly operating out of Fort Lauderdale in Florida. Considering the laws regarding the growth and selling of hemp-based products, known as the Farm Bill was passed in 2018, they are an old school player in the game.

As a potential customer reads through their website, they realize that they do say all the right words. For example: “Non-GMO organically grown plants” in both the USA (Colorado and Kentucky) as well as being grown on international soil (in Scandinavia). The use “Supercritical Extraction” which is claimed to be the gentlest of ways to extract CBD from the plant. They also claim that everything is lab tested.

Those are exactly the things a potential consumer wants to hear from any company dealing with CBD, but how reliable is it, considering it is relatively young?

While digging further into the web site, there is information explaining that it is a publicly traded company under the umbrella of Potnetwork Holdings who are one of the leading authorities in the CBD industry. They have several companies under their umbrella such as Blue CBD Crystals Isolate, Chill Plus Gummies, and CBD Biotech Cream. So, it is safe to say that the manufacturer is legit and honest in what they say.

Many reviews of the company during its early days were negative. These reviews explained the company lacked innovation, customer care and products. Whilst also showing none or very little evidence to back up claims they were making. However, that really is no longer the case. The potential for Diamond CBD to grow was always there, and now, it seems, they are finally achieving such great heights. And the customer reviews are there to back it up.

CBD Quality: How It Is Made

The process of making CBD oil begins with the cultivation of hemp plants. In the case of Green Roads, all plants grown are free of pesticides and GMOs. This makes Green Road’s hemp some of the most all-natural in the industry. Not only is this better for the environment, but it also makes the final product healthier for the user.

Diamond CBD has growers in Colorado, Kentucky and Scandinavia. Those are all excellent locations for growing high quality hemp, from which the CBD is then extracted to make Diamond’s products.

Diamond CBD boasts a team of scientists and doctors that are constantly researching methods to produce quality products, which are both fine and pure. Making sure their innovative hemp extracts are accessible across the globe.

They grow natural non-GMO plants that are grown organically. These plants are later picked by hand, with only the best being carefully selected for extraction. They are then harvested and dried in optimal conditions to make sure the final product is of the best quality possible. To ensure such a high quality, every piece of raw material is tested in their labs. The tests are there to ensure consistency and purity in all of the products.

The CBD is extracted from the hemp using Supercritical Extraction, a process that is gentle and makes sure the CBD extracted retains beneficial molecules from the plant itself. Some of the benefits from this method of extraction include:

  • The collected components are not degenerated thanks to working at low temperatures
  • The use of non-toxic solvents results in a total chemical purity of the final product
  • There is no need for additional purification
  • It is a process that runs without air, so there is no risk of oxidation
  • It is cost effective
  • Produces no waste

The final product is a product anybody can feel confident in. It is pure and contains no psychoactive THC (although according to their own web site, a minimum amount of THC is found in the products, it is below 0.3% and is not the type to get you high). Also, the lab testing ensures that every product bought off Diamond CBD is consistent in its quality and purity.

Diamond CBD Products

Here is a list of the product they have to offer, with a rough price guide and a short description. It offers an array of products, even for pets!


There are Daily Boosts, which are perfect for travelers and infrequent users but prove costly for regular consumers. The Full Spectrum options are the largest range and are the main option. There are various size options from 25mg all the way to 3500mg and a wide range of flavors. All their bottles of oil come with a dropper for easy measures and vary in price.

Diamond CBD Vape Oil

CBD vape oils come in an incredibly wide range of flavors and strength. There are also additives that can be mixed with traditional vape juices for a more personal taste. Users can find nicotine and nicotine free options too. All while maintaining a high level of purity and quality one have come to expect from Diamond CBD.

One convenient product on offer, are pre-filled tanks, designed to be attached to the user’s own battery pack and ready to use.

Diamond CBD Edibles

Everyone will be amazed by the selection of edibles on offer. The edibles by Diamond CBD come in a wide variety of flavors, strengths and sizes.

Diamond CBD Cream

Because Diamond is under the umbrella of POTN (see above), they also sell CBD Biotech Cream. This is a leading CBD cream. The creams are made to help with aches and pains and even endorsed by NFL Hall of Famer Lawrence Taylor. While they are the more expensive products in the company’s large online store, they are proven to help.

CBD Bath & Body

Drop one of these into a tub filled with hot water and soak in it for 30 minutes to feel the healing effects of CBD. Offering a variety of smells or flavors, you won’t struggle to find the right one for your relaxing evening.

Diamond CBD Drinks

These are increasing in popularity. Drinks come in various sizes, flavors and different CBD content.

CBD Pets

Diamond CBD offers an array of products specifically designed for your pet. Both cats and dogs have a large selection of treats and oils made just for them.

Product Offerings

CATEGORY CBD OILdiamond-cbd-oil-image VAPE OILdiamond-cbd-vape-oil-image EDIBLESdiamond-cbd-edibles-image CREAMdiamond-cbd-cream-image BATH & BODYdiamond-cbd-bath-body-image DRINKSdiamond-cbd-drinks-image CBD PETSdiamond-cbd-pets-image
Concentration:Supercritical CO2 ExtractionSupercritical CO2 ExtractionSupercritical CO2 ExtractionSupercritical CO2 ExtractionSupercritical CO2 ExtractionSupercritical CO2 ExtractionSupercritical CO2 Extraction
CBD Extraction MethodC02 ExtractionC02 ExtractionC02 ExtractionC02 ExtractionC02 ExtractionC02 ExtractionC02 Extraction
THC Content0% THC0% THC0% THC0% THC0% THC0% THC0% THC
Lab testedYesYesYesYesYesYesYes

Diamond Blog

Diamond CBD is committed to educating its consumers on everything CBD related. The web site offers a chance to read their blog, which is packed full of relevant information. The articles range from educative articles on CBD, such as who may use the products, why use CBD and whether or not it shows on a drugs test. On the blog, consumers can also find delicious recipes related to CBD oil and their own edibles. Furthermore, there are product releases, news about the manufacturer and everything CBD related.

The blog is updated regularly, and the articles are very well written. They are informative and entertaining. They make sure to stay on top of the industry they are involved in, and the blog posts are an example of how they manage it.

Shipping Details

Diamond CBD offers a 2-day shipping with a money back guarantee return policy. The shipping is free if the order is over $100 and within the USA. Thereafter, shipping costs vary depending on location. And they do ship to all 50 States.

Their shipping is done via UPS, and they provide customers with a code. With this code a customer can track the order via the UPS web site. If this doesn’t work (for whatever reason), they also provide their contact information to help any customer who needs helps to track their package.

Products Pricing

CBD Oil$6.49 for 1500mg formula to $314.99 for Full Spectrum Hemp Seed Oil 3500mg (30ml)
CBD Vape Oils$18.74 for a pre-filled tank – $139.00 for a 16ml bottle
CBD Edibles$4.99 for 75mg of various gummies – $150 for a 100 pack of honey infused sticks
CBD Cream$37.49 for 250mg -$149.99 for 1500mg
Bath & Body$9.99 for 100mg per bomb, bath salts are $14.99 for 100mg, PRO bath salts are $112.49 for 1000mg
CBD Drinksfrom $5.99 for the double shot (1 ml) up to $180 for 1600mg of slushy syrup, with cups.
CBD Pets $14.99 for 25mg (for small dogs or cats) – 550mg in 30ml for $67.49 (for large dogs)

How Does It Stack Up Against Competitors?

Pure Kana

Pure Kana also grows its hemp in Kentucky and aims to become a top educator and seller of CBD and its related products. They are similar to Diamond CBD in aims, quality assurance and the way they extract and test their CBD. However, they lack the consistency and variety that Diamond CBD has to offer.

Plus CBDOil

Plus CBDOil is another top quality CBD merchant. While the aims for this company and their methods to achieve quality products are similar to both Pure Kana and Diamond, their website looks not so bright. They do, however, offer free shipping for orders over $75. But they do lack the variety of the other two companies.

Frequently Asked Questions

When looking for information on their website, or have a question pops up that needs answering, Diamond CBD has a FAQs section on their website that covers everything that everyone needs to know. It answers tons of questions about the company, shipping, cancellations, returns and so much more, while also giving readers their contact details if the question isn’t amongst their long list.

They also offer answers to frequently asked questions about hemp, CBD and anything else related to the industry. It is possible to find answers to if it is legal, if their products contain THC, how it is made. Their FAQs page does provide answers to pretty much everything.



The question this article set out to answer at the very beginning of this article can now be answered. There is a lot of data, evidence and information that illustrates how committed the company is to provide quality products. From the origin of the plant to the selection process to the drying and finally all the lab testing, there is no doubt that Diamond do everything in their capability to ensure consistent quality. Moreover, they apply this quality to a huge array of products. No matter if a potential customer is looking for edibles, cbd oil, vapes or skin care (both creams and bath bombs), there are almost unlimited flavors and strengths. The number of products on their online store is unrivaled. They back it all up with evidence, transparency and amazing customer service. Providing education on the topic, news about the industry and helpful articles, they have cemented their place in the hearts of many. They stand above their competitors thanks to those values and, despite being relatively new, they are a strong contender in the industry. It is no wonder many consumers and customers love Diamond CBD.

  • Superb transparency
  • QR codes for easy lab result viewing
  • High-quality ingredients
  • Many product options
  • Pure CBD
  • Advanced extraction methods
  • Consumer focused mission
  • Slower shipping
  • High price for some
9 Score


Janet Miller

Janet Miller

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