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Bluebird Botanicals: A Community-Focused CBD Company

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Hemp Source:
Ethanol/ CO2
Lab results available on the website
Janet Miller

Janet Miller

Last updated: December 22, 2019

Bluebird Botanicals is a CBD manufacturer based in Colorado that makes products such as tinctures, vape oils, and gel capsules. The key features of this company are its people over profit philosophy, fast order processing and delivery, and quality products.

Their hemp oils have a wide range of concentrations, uses, and prices. Their business philosophy and the high standard by which they abide in their manufacturing makes Bluebird Botanicals a real gem.

Bluebird Products Are Good For:

  • Soothing achy joints and sore muscles
  • Achieving fast relief from pain
  • Making custom CBD hemp oils and cooking/baking

Why You Should Choose Bluebird Botanicals in 2019?

Bluebird Botanicals was founded in 2012, and it is one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of CBD hemp oil products. They put their customers first, running several assistance programs for the needy, disabled, and veterans, and they have honest pricing.

Additionally, they have reliable partnerships with farmers, resulting in high-quality CBD produced in an environmentally friendly manner. As a result of their community and eco-friendly business model, they have been awarded the title Number One Hemp Company/Product and were recognized as the Number One Hemp-CBD Company.

Most importantly, however, Bluebird manufactures quality CBD products of various concentrations, price ranges, and uses. An added benefit to becoming one of their customers is that they have a batch database that lists all of their lab results. Consumers can feel confident they are buying hemp oils free of pesticides, fertilizers, and other filth.

Finally, Bluebird has unrivaled customer service, they deliver all over the United States, and they have discounts on their products.

What Extraction Method Does Bluebird Botanicals Use?

Bluebird uses ethanol to extract their hemp because it is a clean and cold extraction method that retains the most terpenes and other nutrients. They also use a low temperature and pressure CO2 extraction for their products.

Supercritical CO2 is also used for CBD extraction. Bluebird does not use petroleum or anything artificial in the extraction process.

Bluebird Botanicals Product Line

Here is the list of Bluebird Botanicals’ products that customers can choose from this wide range.

Bluebird Botanicals Review: Hemp CBD Oils

Bluebird has three types of CBD hemp oil in its inventory:

  • Classic with organic hemp seed oil
  • Complete with raw, heated CBD and terpenes
  • Signature with frankincense and black seed oil

There is also their sample pack containing all three of these hemp oils in 10 ml bottles. All of these oils contain 250 milligrams of CBD per ounce, and they are available in 1/3 to 8 oz bottles. They are also available at prices starting at $12.95.

These oils contain vital, nutritional ingredients, including organic olive oil, vitamins, and omega-three fatty acids, making them perfect for improving overall health and well-being. They make an excellent addition to any medicine cabinet.

Use these products by placing several drops beneath the tongue. Do not swallow for 30 to 90 seconds. Allow them to be absorbed by the mouth’s mucous membranes. Once time has elapsed, swallow.

Bluebird Botanicals Review: Concentrated CBD Oils

There are three concentrated oils in this category:

  • Classic 6x
  • Complete 6x
  • Signature 6x

The sizes range from 1/3 to 8 oz, and the prices start at $49.95. These oils are different than the regular oil blends because they have six times the amount of CBD. They also have a sample pack with three 10 ml bottles. Because these oils have over 1,500 mg of CBD per ounce, they are most suited for people wanting quick pain relief.

Use these oils the same as the normal concentrations by placing the drops beneath the tongue and allowing 30 to 90 seconds for them to absorb. Swallow when the time has elapsed.

Bluebird Botanicals Review: THC-free CBD Oil

This oil is their first tincture with no THC. It contains CBD isolate extract in coconut oil and has over 25 mg of CBD per 0.5 ml. This oil comes in bottles ranging in sizes of 1/3 to 8 oz starting at $32.95.

Customers choose this item because there is no chance of failing a urine test, making it the perfect CBD oil product for athletes, civil servants, and others who undergo drug screening.

Place several drops under the tongue and allow 30 to 90 seconds for them to be fully absorbed. Swallow what remains when time is up.

Bluebird Botanicals Review: Creams

Bluebird has three lotions in this category:

  • Hemp CBD Silk Lotion: full-spectrum hemp extract, essential oils, jojoba, and coconut oil
  • Hemp CBD Essential Lotion: full-spectrum hemp extract, jojoba, carrot, and coconut oil
  • Hemp CBD Sport Lotion: full-spectrum hemp extract, ginger, arnica, mint, jojoba, and coconut oil

Hemp Silk softens dry and damaged skin, while Hemp Essential is a restorative lotion for protecting the skin. Hemp Sport is more suited for those who live active lifestyles because it causes cold and warm sensations that relax the muscles. These lotions are perfect for everyone, especially those with skin problems or athletes with sore joints and muscles.

Massage a small amount into the irritated area of skin twice daily. Stop using it if it causes irritation.

Bluebird Botanicals Review: Hemp Capsules

These are soft gel capsules that have full-spectrum hemp extract. Each tablet contains 5 mg of CBD. They are easy to use, have no taste, and are available in bottles containing 60 (300 mg) and 120 (600 mg) capsules.

The capsules are used for influencing the endocannabinoid system, which promotes overall health and well-being.

Capsules are for people who do not like the flavor of tinctures or do not want to vape. They are discreet, giving the user the ability to consume CBD in plain sight.

Take one capsule no more than eight times a day. Consume them orally by swallowing the tablet with the aid of a glass of water.

Bluebird Botanicals Review: Concentrated CBD Capsules

These are concentrated soft gel capsules containing a high amount of CBD made from American grown hemp. They are sold in bottle sizes containing 30 (450 mg) capsules and 60 (900 mg) capsules.

Each capsule contains over 15 mg of CBD. Because of the high amount of CBD, they are for getting as many cannabinoids into the body as possible. For this reason, they are perfect for people wanting fast relief from medical problems they are treating with CBD.

Take one capsule orally four times a day. Do not exceed this amount unless told otherwise by a doctor.

Bluebird Botanicals Review: CBD Isolates

Bluebird has regular and wholesale options available for its CBD isolates. Both options contain natural, 99 percent pure CBD in crystal form that is odorless and flavorless. The regular isolate is available in one, five, and 25-gram options starting at $24.95.

The wholesale version comes in 100, 250, 500, and 1,000-gram options. The smaller sized containers are for those who want to treat pain, anxiety, and inflammation, while the bulk-sized options are perfect for distributors looking to get the most cost-effective option possible.

Place the isolate under the tongue and hold it there for 60 seconds. The CBD will get to the bloodstream through the mucous membranes. Since there is no taste, this will not be an unpleasant experience.

Isolate crystals can also be infused into grapeseed, olive, or other carriers to make your own CBD oil that can be consumed sublingually. These oils can also be used for cooking and baking.

Bluebird Botanicals Review: Vape Oil

This vape juice is manufactured in-house using the highest quality hemp-CBD crystalline extract and USP grade propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine. The vaping experience is smooth, and the juice is unflavored. The vape oil is available in 0.33 and one-ounce bottles. The smaller size contains 333 mg of CBD, while the one-ounce bottle contains 1,000 mg.

Vapes have a high bioavailability, meaning that more of the CBD gets into the body than is the case with other methods. Since they deliver a large amount of CBD to the system, vaping is best suited for those suffering from the severe effects of severe health conditions.

Place the oil in the vape and inhale. Wait several minutes to see how the CBD affects you. Continue vaping if there are no adverse effects. Flavors can be added. Use this oil in vaporizers only. It is not intended for any other purpose.

Bluebird Botanicals Review: CBD Oils for Dogs

Bluebird has three CBD oil products for dogs and other pets:

  • Companion Oil (250 mg per oz)
  • Companion Capsules (5 mg per capsule)
  • Concentrated Companion Capsules (15 mg per capsule)

These CBD oils are suitable for dogs, cats, and other pets of all sizes. People who want to treat their animals to the same health benefits they receive from CBD will not be disappointed.

The CBD oil is available in sizes up to eight ounces, and the regular concentration capsules are available in 60 and 120 count bottles. The high concentration capsules are meant for larger animals and contain 15 mg per tablet and come in 30 and 60 count bottles.

Give these items to your pet by adding them to its food or giving them to the animal directly orally.

Bluebird Botanicals Lab Test Results and Consumer Experience

Bluebird has an online database that shows the lab results for every one of their products. Customers will know what is going into their bodies when they consume these CBD oils. Every bottle leaves their facility with a batch number that directs the customer to a third-party certificate of analysis. Each batch is tested for microbes, metals, mold, solvents, and pesticides.

As for the consumer experience, their 4.8-star rating on Facebook speaks for itself. Plus, they have live customer assistance on their Facebook page and via the telephone Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Mountain Time. Customers will not be trading endless emails with a customer service rep when they shop with Bluebird.

Bluebird Botanicals Delivery

Orders usually ship within one or two business days of receipt and acceptance of an order. Delivery takes four to five business days. Information about shipping processing slowdowns is posted on the site. All orders are shipped via USPS, and orders can be tracked on their website.

Customers are given 30 days from the date of purchase to return a product. Items over $110.00 are the only purchases that are refundable. Return and refund requests are processed in one to two business days.

Bluebird Botanicals Product Discounts for 2019

CBD hemp products are pricey no matter where they are bought, and Bluebird is no exception. Thankfully, they offer a lifelong discount for veterans. Thus, they will receive a permanent 20%-off discount code.


Where to Buy

Bluebird Botanicals 2019 Product Table

Category CBD Oil
THC-Free Oilbluebird-thc-free-oil-image CBD Creambluebird-cream-image Capsules

Vape Oil
CBD Oil for Petsbuebird-companion-capsules-image
Concentration250 mg per ounce1,500 mg per ounce100 to 1,250 mg5 mg per capsule1,000 mg per ounce250 mg per ounce/5 to 15 mg per capsule
THC Content0.3%0%0.3%0.3%0.3%0.3%
Lab TestedYesYesYesYesYesYes
Extraction MethodEthanol/

The Verdict on Bluebird Botanicals


Bluebird Botanicals has an excellent range of products, and it is great that they include vape oils and high concentration options for their customers. Their inventory is substantial and of excellent quality.

It is also refreshing to find a company that is so dedicated to uplifting people who are down and out. The only criticism on this end is that they do not have edibles. Yes, edibles are not very cost-effective, but they are an excellent option for those who have never before tried CBD.

If you have shopped with Bluebird Botanicals in 2019, we would like to hear about your customer experience. Please share everything you want us to know by leaving a comment.

  • Every product is lab tested
  • THC-free options available
  • Community focused and environmentally friendly
  • Wide range of prices and CBD concentrations
  • Use of both ethanol and CO2 extraction methods
  • They do not sell edibles
7.5 Score


Janet Miller

Janet Miller

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