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Black Tie CBD Review: Is It Worth Buying the Products?

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Hemp Flowers, CBD Tinctures, Terpenes, Topicals, Edibles, Concentrates
Hemp Source:
Umpqua River Walley, Oregon
Lab results available on the website
Janet Miller

Janet Miller

Last updated: December 29, 2019

Black Tie CBD is a US-based manufacturer and seller of cannabidiol and other cannabis-based products. The selection includes over 70 products, including flowers, tinctures and terpenes, gummies and edibles, and many other items.

The manufacturer harvests hemp from an organic farm close to their main office. They strive to maintain quality control and comply with current regulations and production standards.

Black Tie CBD review discovers everything about the actual quality of the company’s products. Can the quality and affordability come in the same pack or not?

What Are the Company’s CBD Products Good for?

  • Providing chronic and other pain relief
  • Promoting optimal sleeping patterns
  • Helping to deal with anxiety and depression symptoms
  • Providing anxiety relief and promoting a positive mood
  • Lab-tested products of confirmed quality

Black Tie CBD Overview

The company doesn’t share a lot of information on the official website. It is interesting to note they are not the only vendor of cannabis-based products that isn’t generous in revealing info publicly.

The contact page indicates that the company’s headquarters is in Myrtle Creek, Oregon. Their hemp farms are in the same state, which implies that everything is US-based.

Users can order products from the online shop, but please note the company doesn’t ship outside of the United States. The company offers more than 70 products in total, and that includes various strains, as well as edibles, concentrates, topicals, etc.

Customers who want to reach the company can do so by using a contact form or sending an e-mail. The manufacturer also has a toll-free phone number available throughout the country. According to the information on the website, the company is open every day, which means you shouldn’t wait long for an answer.

What Should You Know About the Extraction Method?

The manufacturer doesn’t mention a specific extraction method used during the process. However, they emphasize the location of their hemp farms. According to the website, all hemp is grown in Umpqua River Walley in Oregon, which is close to the company’s headquarters.

The company claims that all their hemp is grown organically. It is a standard that not many manufacturers manage to follow, but it seems that buds are of the highest quality. According to the company, that results in premium hemp extracts and cannabidiol products.

The manufacturer also underlines that growing hemp is more than a job for the farmers. They invest love in labor, which is what helps to come up with exceptional products. Lab results confirm that the strains are in line with the current standards.

Black Tie Hemp CBD Flowers

The company offers more than 20 products in this category. The most affordable strains cost under $10 and include CBD Black Tie Blueberry Pie, Amnesia Haze, Fruit Punch, and many others. Users can also pick premium strains like Medford Medley and AC/DC.

Those who can’t pick a strain can try all of them by using a special Flower Sample deal. It involves getting eight grams of all available strains for $60. That way, users can conduct their personal Black Tie CBD flower review and determine which strains fit them best.

The company also offers CBG flowers. These have a high quantity of cannabigerol and are considered premium items.

Tinctures and Terpenes

The store offers the following tincture flavors:

  • Lemon Ginger
  • Orange Citrus
  • Espresso
  • Original Hemp Flavor

Terpenes are major components of many plant-based essential oils. Various plants produce terpenes with a distinct odor, which is why they are used in perfumes, food flavoring, and holistic medicine. The company offers regular terpenes for $28,99, while Organic Hemp Terpenes are available at $29.99. Vaping fans might want to try Black Tie CBD Cartridge that contains both CBD and CBG.


The advantage of topicals is that there is no need for ingestion. Instead, users apply them to the affected area to experience pain relief and other potential effects.

Mary’s Nutritionals is the brand the company partnered with, and you will find products like Hemp Massage Oil, Muscle Freeze, and Transdermal Relief Cream in the shop.

CBD Black Tie also offers Elite Patches that ensure the gradual release of hemp extract over multiple hours.


A wide range of products is available in this category, including:

  • Full Spectrum Gummies
  • Syrup
  • Honey Sticks
  • Hard Candy and Drops
  • Swirl Pops
  • Teas

Most of the items come in multiple flavors to suit all preferences. The price varies depending on the product, but encountering a sale or using a Black Tie CBD coupon might reduce the price.


Users can find two types of concentrates available in the portfolio of the company’s Products:

  • Afghani CBD Hash – Blueberry Pie and CBD oil are its main ingredients. The handmade mix is available in two sizes – the small pack costs $27.99, and the big unit $47.99.
  • CBD Kief – the available strains are BubbleGum, Candyland, Mothership #2, and Bleu Cheese. A small jar costs $15.99, and the big one $34.99.

Each of the products is easy to add to a pipe or joint. It shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes to feel the effects.

Where to Buy Black Tie CBD Products?

The company’s main office is in Myrtie Creek, Oregon. However, there might be stores closer to your location, such as the grand Black Tie Hoover shop.

The easiest way to purchase their products is online. The company’s website contains a shop with a detailed list of all products and an option to order in a couple of steps. The delivery is available throughout the United States.

Black Tie CBD Lab Test Results

The manufacturer makes sure to publish lab reports regularly. At the time when this Black Tie CBD review was done, the reports were only ten days old.

Each report includes comprehensive information, including total cannabinoid quantity, as well as specific amounts of THCA, THCV, CBD, and other relevant compounds. The company publishes reports for more than 30 products sold in their shop.

Black Tie CBD Discounts

A gift card is a nice way of surprising someone. Visitors can choose between five different gift card amounts varying from $10 to $500.

Consumers who visit the website might encounter a sale with selected items at reduced prices. A Black Tie discount code that knocks 10% or more off a single order might also be available online.


Q: Does the company offer has a refund policy?

A: The refund policy is valid for 15 days from the purchase date. Users must return unused and sealed items in original packaging to be eligible for a refund. Flowers and other perishable goods are not subject to the refund policy.

Q: How long will it take to get my delivery?

A: The company will send the order within two business days. The estimated time of delivery is up to seven business days.


Where to Buy

Product Offerings

Category Flowers

Tinctures and Terpenesblacktie-tincture-oil-image Topicals



ConcentrationVaries300-1200MG50-200MG10-600MGUp to 41.96%
THC ContentVaries<0.3%<0.3%<0.3%<0.3%
Lab TestedYes Yes Yes Yes Yes


Who Is Better – Black Tie CBD or Tweedle Farms?

Both companies have their main offices in Oregon, but their products are available in the entire country via online shops. The products offered are similar, including tinctures, topicals, concentrates, edibles, and flowers. Tweedle Farms seems to offer a looser refund policy, but their lab testing results are not easily accessible on the website.



It is nice to see a huge selection of cannabis-based products available in a single shop. Thanks to that, both newbies and experienced users can experiment until they find the most suitable option for them. Additionally, the products are available with various strengths of cannabidiol so that they can fit everyone’s preferences.

The company shares lab test results publicly and claims to make all products from organic hemp. However, the website doesn’t offer plenty of information about the manufacturer itself. The good news is that product descriptions are quite detailed and contain all the necessary information about the items.

  • All products made from organic hemp grown locally
  • A wide selection of edibles and flavors to pick from
  • Lab testing results are publicly available
  • Shipping to all locations in the United States
  • The return policy is not customer-friendly
  • The website only offers limited information about the company
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