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4 Corners Cannabis Review: Rocky Mountain Not-High

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CBD Oil Tincture, Edibles, Salves, For Pets
Solvent-based method
Lab results available on the website
Janet Miller

Janet Miller

Last updated: December 26, 2019

4 Corners Cannabis is a seed-to-sale company. They oversee every aspect of its business, from growing to extracting to processing. 4 Corners CBD grows its cannabis on their farms. They harvest and process it in their facilities. The brand even sources its other ingredients from local producers.

The product line is smaller than other companies, but their quality is unmatched. The 4 Corners CBD catalog consists of tinctures, salves, edibles, and pet products. All these products are available individually or in bundle packages.

4 Reasons to Choose 4 Corners Cannabis

  • They are one of the original cannabis-growing, CBD-making companies, starting back in 2013 in Colorado
  • They oversee every aspect of their operation from the field to the laboratory
  • They use only fair-trade, non-GMO ingredients
  • Their small product line allows them to focus on perfecting and refining their available products

4 Corners Cannabis Review: General Overview

4 Corners CBD has been growing hemp in Colorado since 2013. They are a self-contained operation when it comes to making their CBD products. They control every aspect of their business, from the farm to the lab and beyond. The only thing that the company outsources is the testing of their products, which is done by third-party labs (an industry standard).

4 Corners CBD also carefully select their hemp plants to ensure their durability and high-yield output. They test them to ensure they are resistant to bacteria as well as full of those precious cannabinoids that they are after. The brand uses clones of the sturdiest plants to ensure that they yield the most compounds for their products.

Despite the “cannabis” in their name, they only make hemp extract products, which all contain less than 0.3% THC. Their line-up consists of four product categories, one of which is the company’s apparel line. The brand ships all over the US at no charge to their customers.

4 Corners Cannabis Review: Extraction Method

4 Corners Cannabis goes against the grain of CBD producers and uses a solvent-based extraction method to obtain their CBD. The solvent, in this case, is ethanol, which is another name for 95% pure alcohol made from organic sugar cane.

While it may sound unappealing, ethanol extraction also guarantees the highest number of compounds (cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, etc.) end up in the final product. After the extraction process, the company uses high-tech equipment like rotary evaporators and vacuum opens to remove any residual traces of the solvent.

4 Corners CBD Products

Here is the list of the product line that this brand offers to the customers.

4 Corners CBD Review: Tinctures

Tinctures are the mainstays of every successful CBD company, and that is true for 4 Corners CBD as well. Getting them right means success for the rest of the brand. The brand currently offers four varieties of their tincture, which include:

  • Oral Tincture – an all-natural blend of CBD-dominant hemp oil mixed with coconut oil, and orange peel extract
  • Cinnamon Oral – a tangy entry that stings and soothes with complete spectrum CBD mixed with cinnamon, avocado extract, and vegetable glycerin
  • Glycerin Tincture – an altered version of 4 Corners’ oral tincture, this hemp oil-based extract adds a touch of vegetable glycerin to deliver CBD via vaping
  • Avocado Oil Tincture – a unique entry in the 4 Corners CBD catalog, it features the pungent taste of organic avocado extract as well as complete-spectrum CBD

The four tinctures make up the bulk of the product offerings in the Tincture section, with three bundles packages rounding out the category. For animal lovers, this company pairs its pet-focused tincture with a bottle of CBD meant for human consumption in the Pet and Me bundle. They also feature a salve/tincture bundle, and a package featuring all four solutions.

Each of them comes in one of three bottle sizes, which also determines the concentration of CBD in the liquid. Only the Avocado tincture comes in two bottle sizes (10ml and 15ml) with three available strengths (100mg, 250mg, 500mg). For the rest of the them, users can choose from the following bottle sizes and CBD strengths:

  • Oral Tincture: 1,000 mg / 30 ml, 100 mg / 10 ml, 2,000 mg / 30 ml, 250 mg / 15 ml, 500 mg / 15 ml
  • Cinnamon Oral: 1,000 mg / 30 ml, 100 mg / 10 ml, 250 mg / 15 ml, 500 mg / 15 ml
  • Glycerin Tincture: 1,000 mg / 30 ml, 100mg / 10 ml, 250 mg / 15 ml, 500 mg / 15 ml

4 Corners CBD Review: Pet Products

The company did not forget about their four-legged customers when they were brainstorming their product ideas. They developed an animal-friendly tincture to help alleviate or soothe any of the daily stressors pets encounter – from thunder and lightning to other animals – in their seemingly uncomplicated lives.

It is also uncomplicated as it features only two ingredients:

  • CBD-heavy hemp oil
  • MCT oil

It also comes available in as many bottle sizes and CBD concentrations as the oils for humans. Users can place a few drops of the extract into their animals’ food or put it directly into their mouths. The dosage depends, like with the human tincture, on the animal’s size and body weight.

4 Corners CBD Review: Edibles

4 Corners Cannabis bucks the trend of creating standard CBD edibles like gummies or capsules, with their sole CBD edible selection: honey-infused with cannabidiol. The honey comes from local producers, and it contains either 300mg or 500mg of their high-quality hemp extract.

The honey, like with regular honey, is exceptionally versatile. The sweet concoction comes in two bottle sizes (the bottles are in the shape of teddy bears), 8oz or 12oz. The bottles are squeeze bottles so users can add honey to whatever they desire or even take a spoonful of honey by itself. According to 4 Corners CBD, a single spoonful is equal to around 20 to 25mg of CBD.

4 Corners CBD Review: Salves

Their salve collection is another example of the company taking a standard CBD product and making it their own. The salves offer combine natural, organic hemp extract with other healing antioxidants like vitamin E and beeswax. The creams come in two formats:

  • A stick similar to a lip balm cylinder
  • A 2oz or 8oz container

Each product format also comes in various sizes, with the stick available in either a 0.15oz amount or 0.5oz. The different sizes also come with different CBD concentrations. Users can choose from a salve stick with either a 40 or 80mg CBD strength.

The larger format salves have higher concentrations. Users can choose between 250mg or 500mg for the larger-sized balms. The other significant difference between both formats is that one lotion features no added flavors or ingredients other than beeswax and coconut oil. In contrast, the second options feature a hit of cooling menthol.

4 Corners CBD Review: The Bundles

Every CBD company offers bundles: such is the versatile nature of cannabidiol that it can exist in several product formats. In this respect, this brand is no different. With their select product line, 4 CornersCBD bundle packages allow consumers to sample a few of their products at the same time without having to buy each one individually.

There are a total of four product bundles on the 4 Corners CBD Collection:

  • Pet and Me: two tinctures, one for pets, one for humans
  • Salve and Tincture: the non-menthol salve, and the tincture infused with orange
  • Flight Tinctures: four, travel-size 10ml bottles of each tincture
  • Honey and Cinnamon: both sizes of the CBD honey and every size/strength of the Cinnamon tincture

4 Corners CBD Review: Apparel

4 Corners CBD may have a unique take on all things cannabis and CBD, but they, like other companies, are not above selling non-CBD products, in this case, apparel. They offer customers two types of clothing, decorated with the 4 Corners logo, as well as in different colors and sizes.

The 4 Corners CBD apparel line is also a way to showcase the company’s lighter side, as well as what they are all about, like an active lifestyle and an appreciation of nature. The choices divide between these two pursuits. Users can choose from two different styles:

  • T-shirts with various logos (an owl, bicycle, and a “Who” logo)
  • Hoodies also with assorted logos (owl, bicycles)

Curiously, the clothing is not made from hemp, but 100% organic cotton. The apparel line is available to men and women, and they come in several sizes.

4 Corners CBD Review: Lab Reports

4 Corners Cannabis performs lab reports on all its products containing cannabidiol. It goes even a step further by performing and then publishing lab reports of the analysis done on the raw plant material it uses to extract CBD. With a limited product line, performing the necessary examination on each of its products is one way for 4 Corners Cannabis to show their customers how committed they are to excellence and purity.

Users can review all lab reports for 4 Corners Cannabis products on their separate page, entitled ‘Lab Reports’. Each product page also features the published reports, with each of them visible and legible. While 4 Corners Cannabis does test for appropriate THC levels, they, unfortunately, do not test for any other contaminants like pesticides, bacteria, or heavy metals.

4 Corners Cannabis Review: Delivery

4 Corners Cannabis currently only offers shipping to its customers within the continental USA. They do not fill international orders, but that may change soon. Delivery can take up to 1-5 business days. Most important of all, though, 4 Corners offers free shipping on all its orders.

4 Corners Cannabis Review: Discounts

4 Corners Cannabis currently offers no discounts on their products either for military members (active-duty or veteran), first responders (police, fire, EMTs), or low-income individuals. They do have a contest where users can sign-up for their newsletter to be entered into a contest to win free CBD products.


Where to Buy

4 Corners CBD Product Table

Category Tincture4-corner-OT-Tincture-image Edibles4-corner-honeybear-image Salves4-corner-mentholsalvesticks-image For Pets4-corner-petallfinal-image
Strengths2,000 mg
1,000 mg
500 mg
250 mg
100 mg
2,000 mg
1,000 mg
500 mg
250 mg
100 mg
THC ContentNot-detectedNot-detectedNot-detectedNot-detected
Lab TestedYesYesYesYes

Final Thoughts: 4 Corners Keeps It Simple


4 Corners Cannabis are not amateurs. Their experience dates back to before anyone had even heard of CBD, so they know their business. While its solvent-based extraction method is an outlier in an industry obsessed with C02-extraction, a company with as much expertise in growing and processing cannabis as 4 Corners made that choice knowing it was the right one.

4 Corners Cannabis might not have millions of dollars behind its operation or have a slick, cutting-edge website, but their talents lie in creating excellent, lovingly-made CBD products for people and pets. Their small product line allows them the freedom to perfect their formula, so consumers only get the best that they have to offer.

Have you tried a 4 Corners Cannabis product? Have you noticed any difference between CBD extracted via C02 or solvent-based extraction? Do you or would you give CBD to your pet? Let us know what you think in the comments section.

  • High-quality products
  • Quite simple product choices on the website
  • Top-of-the-line customer support
  • Orders shipped within 24 hours
  • Only ships to the U.S.
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