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State Department Warns CBD Consumers Not To Fly Internationally With Oils

Janet Miller

Janet Miller

Last updated: December 31, 2019

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  • The State Department issued an advisory urging CBD consumers to avoid flying international with CBD oils or other Cannabis derivatives
  • The department also advised that research should be done to avoid unnecessary legal issues
  • The statement comes as the festive and travel season is at its peak, and this will save many americans legal issues, now that CBD is legal in the US.
  • The U.S State Department issued an advisory on its twitter handle to americans against travelling international with CBD oils or any form of cannabis. Though, it was quick to add that research needs to be done just in case you want to travel with your CBD to ensure that there are no legal restrictions to CBD on the destination of choice. Even though the statement is made at such a time where festivities are around the corner and a peak travel season, the advisory caters for all year round.

    The department’s warning was not only limited to CBD oils, but also guns and drones. The tweet read,“Make sure your gift isn’t a fa la la la la la la la la fail. Bringing along gifts like drones, CBD oils, and firearms can land you in trouble in foreign countries. Research what is and isn’t allowed before you travel.”

    In the US the CBD crazeis is at its all time high, and more curious Americans are still googling it, thanks to the congress passing the 2018 Farm Bill. Locally, Americans have no restrictions from the TSA in regards to possession of CBD at airports and can be possession of any amount an individual wants. Internationally, the case is rather different and not all countries embrace CBD. As of the moment, no US citizen has been arrested internationally in regards to CBD possession, but in 2018, for instance, a British citizen was arrested in Bali and charged with possession of CBD oil and faced a prison term of 15 years.

    To be on the safe side, it is important to avoid travelling international with cannabis or its derivatives in total. This will save you unnecessary inconvenience and unwanted legal pursuits.


Janet Miller

Janet Miller

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