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Senator Talks of Experience With CBD

Janet Miller

Janet Miller

Last updated: December 3, 2019

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  • Senator Pat Roberts, during a hearing on the next FDA boss, talked about his experience with CBD
  • According to him, CBD did not help much with curing his ‘football knees’ as his wife had advocated
  • Roberts believes much research and regulation should be put in place to control the overgrowing demand for CBD products
  • Dr. Stephen Hahn is Trump’s appointee to head the FDA

Lately, cannabidiol or CBD has been on everyone’s mind, especially in the last one year after the federal government went ahead to legalize hemp under the 2018 farm bill.

On Wednesday, following the federal regulation of cannabidiol, the Senate convened with officials questioning Dr. Stephen Hahn, Trump’s nominee to head the United States Food and Drug Administration, after Scott Gottlieb resigned.

Among the panelists was Kansas Republican Senator Pat Roberts. During the hearing, Roberts relayed that he had tried to use CBD to heal his ‘football knees’ to no success. He also joked of the unlimited potential that CBD is marketed to possess including healing baldness.

“I have a personal interest in this. I don’t know why I’m bringing this up, but I have football knees. My wife insists that this little bottle of CBD stuff that you can put that on your knees and it’s going to work. It doesn’t. Well, at least for me it doesn’t,” Roberts said.

In a sarcastic way he continued, after looking at SenatorBob Casey and observing that Dr. Hahn was also bald

“But this is being used for everything. I was gonna mention Sen. Bob Casey , myself and then you, sir, about the possibility of growth of hair. This is ridiculous.”

Plenty of CBD industry critics have blamed the FDA for dragging its feet on issuing some regulations regarding the purchase and sale of cannabidiol after it was legalized in the Farm Bill last year, December.

FDA’s Stand on CBD Purchase and Sale

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On a close examination, FDA is quite skeptical when it comes to the effects of CBD, coupled with the common medical claims that it has since there is little research in place to back such claims. But again, there have been plenty of research undertakings in many places across the globe trying to prove the health benefits that come with CBD.

But since CBD is praised for its health benefits, a majority of individuals tend to be immediately hooked on billboards and advertisements that relay CBD’s medical wonders. Such advertisements are what agencies such as the FDA are concerned about.

Recently, the FDA issued 15 warnings to companies that sold CBD-based products illegally while claiming to consist of some medicinal value or an option to medications that are licensed. There are plenty of firms that have been issued with warning letters, chief among them being Root Apothecary and Curaleaf.

Lately, there seems to be an increased tax on the production and sale of legal hemp and other CBD products, an aspect that is threatening the survival of legal cannabidiol. A majority of businesses that are legally licensed to operate are either shutting down for business or moving to other states with favorable tax conditions on CBD products. With such, illicit hemp growers increase while quickly spreading to many places across the U.S.

Senator Roberts on CBD

Senator Pat Robert’s biggest issue with CBD is how unregulated this product is. According to him, there is a need for some sort of regulations in place since there are plenty of questions regarding how safe hemp-derived goods or products are.

Roberts also went on saying that CBD is currently being used in almost everything and that farmers are pushing to have more and more of these products in the ever-expanding market. Appearing to be on the same page with Senator Roberts, Trump’s nominee to the FDA, Dr. Stephen Hahn stated that CBD is easily accessible.

According to Hahn, more needs to be done regarding CBD. There needs to be increased research, data, and science in a bid to prove the efficacy of CBD and whether it can be harmful to those who consume it. Hahn also stated that the Food and Drug Administration is currently in the process of having a precise and transparent framework for cannabidiol for medicinal purposes.

The Increase in Unregulated Cannabidiol Market

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According to Roberts, the federal government has terribly failed in regulating CBD. There’s no clear framework in place to have it somehow under watchful eyes. A few months after the legalization of cannabis in the 2018 Farm Bill Act, the market seems to have expanded tremendously.

The FDA has also been criticized by many people, Senator Roberts being one of them for failing to issue federal guidelines regarding the use of CBD. As it currently stands, the market is highly unregulated, a reason as to why a majority of CBD products can be found circulating the market with a lot of ease. The only CBD-infused drug that’s recognized by the FDA is one used in treating intractable epilepsy. It’s known as Epidiolex.

The Food and Drug Agency (FDA) is finding it hard issuing regulations, and in part, this could be due to a lack of proven scientific research on how effective CBD is to human beings. There is a huge gap when it comes to trying to prove some of the therapeutic clams surrounding CBD. According to Senator Roberts, though, if the main purpose of the Food and Drug Agency (FDA) is to protect the health of the citizens, then it needs to ensure that there are some regulations in place.

The Bottom Line

Now more than ever, the popularity of CBD cannot be questioned at all. Looking around, one is almost certain of finding CBD-based products with a lot of ease.

While there have been no clear research undertakings to prove that CBD is 100% fit for medical purposes, nevertheless, there are those who claim that it has worked on them.

Others, such as Senator Pat Roberts, argue that CBD products aren’t effective as such and require some sort of regulations. While the government and more so the FDA seem to be acting slow in terms of regulations, there are those of the opinion that sooner rather than later, there will be some regulations in place regarding the sale and purchase of CBD or even other CBD-based products.


Janet Miller

Janet Miller

Janet is a medical specialist with 10 years of experience as a physician and writing passion. She aims to help people and expand humans mindset. Chat with Janet on Twitter @Janet_Miller_MD or via our contact page.


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