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New Mexico Thinking of Extending Medical Cannabis Initiative as a Means of Bringing Relief to Sick Pets and People

Janet Miller

Janet Miller

Last updated: November 22, 2019

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Five New Mexico petitions filed in a bid to prolong the use medical cannabis in the treatment and relief of sick household pets and people. The final decision on these petitions will be deliberated on later in December.

  • The state of New Mexico has received petitions from five sponsors requesting the extension of use of medical Cannabis to treat household pets and people in general
  • Petitions varied in explanations and documentations with some using real life examples of dogs that have benefited initially from medical marijuana
  • Final decision will be arrived at in December when the state’s medical cannabis advisory board will convene

Medical marijuana is slowly but surely gaining popularity in many places across the world based on its far-reaching benefits. Now more than ever, it’s not just for human beings but also as an alternative medication that helps pets in alleviating pain.

The Future of New Mexico Medical Cannabis Program

New Mexico is considering whether it will prolong its medical cannabis program currently in place in a bid to help dogs suffering from epilepsy and individuals living with cases of attention deficit disorder.

As it currently stands, there are five new petitions that were issued to New Mexico’s Medical Cannabis Advisory Board seeking new conditions for marijuana meant for medical purposes. The board is expected to convene later in December where they are expected to come up with a conclusive result in regards to this matter.

New Mexico’s Medical Cannabis Advisory Board did not make it public the names of those sponsoring the petition based on a request for public records. There’s a petition citing recent successes of cannabis for pets living with seizures. Using a YouTube video of a dog with epilepsy, this video attempts to illustrate the pain associated with this condition.

Carly Wolf, a policy coordinator working the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, asserted that California and New York have in the pipeline a move that would allow veterinarians to use medical marijuana for pets. But again, there’s no state that seems to have fully approved medical marijuana.

According to a New Mexico’s petitioner, by going ahead and authorizing the use of cannabis in animals, such a move would amount to new treatment tools and limit the danger of animal abuse. Another petition states that marijuana is effective for treating Tourette’s syndrome, anxiety disorder, and cases of attention deficit hyperactivity syndrome.

Initiated way back in 2007, New Mexico’s medical cannabis initiative has seen more close to 80,000 patients benefitting from it, especially those coping with HIV and cancer. A large percentage of them are those diagnosed with severe chronic pain or PTSD.

Currently, a group of state lawmakers are creating proposals to make it legal the use of marijuana for recreational purposes following a bill that failed to see the light of day early this year.

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If the use of marijuana for recreational purposes gets approval, then a coalition of members appointed by the governor will seek to ensure that medical marijuana is cheap and accessible to all. Such could mean tax-free marijuana for medical reasons in the future and the possibility of affordable sales for an impoverished lot of patients.

Lately, though, there are some states that are beginning to see the introduction of both medical and recreational marijuana.

The New Mexico Department of Health also held a public hearing last week Friday in Santa Fe, where people expressed their opinions on the current state of medical marijuana. Some of the major issues addressed were the packaging of medical marijuana products, additional testing of cannabis products and its derivatives, reciprocity for out-of-state medical patient, among others. The state’s cabinet secretary to the health cabinet,Kathy Kunkel, acknowledged the great number of turnout from the public stating,

“Although it was still a good turn-out from the public, I want to assure we receive all the feedback and comment to have the best rules possible. For that reason, we will schedule a second hearing in January to assure all voices will be heard.”


Janet Miller

Janet Miller

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