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1 in 7 or 14% of Americans Use CBD, Gallup Reports

Janet Miller

Janet Miller

Last updated: September 10, 2019

One in seven Americans use cannabidiol products for a wide range of reasons, chief among them is therapeutic reasons. The young adults are the most common users as consumption reduces with an increase in age. The western states have the highest number of consumers among all other states.

  • CBD is rapidly growing in terms of consumption among Americans currently at 14%
  • The rise in use is facilitated by the signing of 2018 Farm Bill
  • The 18-29 age brackets facilitate for 20% of users according to age
  • The western states account for 21% of users according to geographic data

Cannabidiol, or famously CBD is swiftly taking ground as a preferred product of choice by many Americans, and the numbers are likely to keep on rising.

CBD, which comes second in prevalence in terms of active ingredients that are found in Marijuana, is derived directly from the hemp plant (a cousin of the marijuana) for medicinal purposes.

Though CBD is found in cannabis, its sole consumption does not cause a “high”. Well, its users have credited some magical powers to it that they believe it can help heal almost every illness from Parkinson’s disease to anxiety and Arthritis to name a few.

Gallup Poll Numbers and Facts

Now to the numbers – According to Gallup, 14% which estimates to one in every seven Americans reported to use CBD in some form, and the primary purpose was therapeutic purposes.

After a month’s long survey (June 19-July 12) which involved phone interviews with more than 2,500 adults, it was clear that the national CBD acceptance was as a result of the approval of the 2018 Farm Bill late December last year. Even though no federal regulations have been issued yet, the rise in use is not likely to stop.

  • The statistics show that the highest percentage of users were those that were in the 18-29 age bracket which was at 20%, though as age progressed the usage and familiarity of CBD keep on gradually decreasing.
  • Those between the age of 30 and 49, only 16% were active users
  • While the age bracket between 50 and 64 years the use was 11%.
  • Of those aged 65 and above, it was only 8% that used CBD
  • 49% of 65+ had no idea of what CBD was.

The same pattern in usage with respect to age was also experienced in Gallup’s poll on marijuana usage published in June 2019.

Regionally, the western states recorded the highest number of CBD users at 21%, which almost doubled its closest competitor, the South, which stood at 13%. The East and Midwest both recorded 11% active users among their population. 

The West topped this criterion since, in most western states, marijuana is legal, and the general population is more aware and conversant with CBD products as compared to other states.

Though no scientific findings from the FDA have been published on the medicinal advantages of CBD, according to the poll CBD users associated its use to relieving pain. This accounted for 40% of all the users.

Anxiety at 20% while sleep and insomnia at 11%, completed the double digits percentage of CBD usage. Some of the other common uses of CBD included arthritis, migraines, stress and recreational purposes.

Well, according to the results of the survey, women were more likely than men to use CBD for anxiety, which was reported at 25% as compared to men at 14%.  

On the other hand, men were more likely to use CBD to help in sleep as compared to women which stood at 15% for men while 8% of women would use it for sleep.

CBD Sells and Regulations

While the craze is still on, CBD products are now finding shelves everywhere from dispensaries, gas stations, online and even grocery shops. The FDA is still trying to figure out regulations that will facilitate its marketing as a dietary supplement.

In an op-ed for The Washington Post, former FDA boss, Scott Gottlieb, called for the speedy realization of CBD regulations for the agency to fully deliver on its public health obligations to Americans as well as meeting the CBD demand standards.

According to the poll, older citizens are less knowledgeable in CBD and its advantages. But if the FDA will actualize the regulation of CBD products to become mainstream, the older generation will benefit the most with the treatment of pains and body aches associated with aging.


Janet Miller

Janet Miller

Janet is a medical specialist with 10 years of experience as a physician and writing passion. She aims to help people and expand humans mindset. Chat with Janet on Twitter @Janet_Miller_MD or via our contact page.


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