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What is the Difference Between CBD Oil vs. Tincture? Everything You Need To Know

Janet Miller

Janet Miller

Last updated: October 29, 2019

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A lot of interest in cannabidiol or CBD has been generated as of late because more people are learning about its health benefits. It is known to provide relief from physical pain and severe diseases and mental health problems.

As these medicinal benefits become more widely known, people are choosing CBD over big pharmaceutical companies. CBD oils and tinctures are two very popular forms of CBD, but people often confuse them, thinking they are the same products when, in fact, they are two different things. CBD hemp oil contains only CBD and a carrier oil, while tinctures contain CBD and a conglomerate of ingredients and additives meant to improve the taste and health benefits.

CBD Oil vs. Tincture: What Are They?

What Is CBD Oil?

CBD oil is made by extracting hemp and marijuana and then adding oil to make it easier to eat or place under the tongue. Popular oils are hemp seed and coconut oil. It is versatile and potent, which is why it is in such high demand. Hemp oil can refer to a full-spectrum oil, which is made from the Cannabis plant or hemp seed oil, which is the oil that produces from just the seeds of the hemp. Cannabidiol is the main active ingredient in cannabis plant.

CBD oil is more potent because it does not have any other ingredients besides the carrier oil. As a result, very little of it has to be used to bring about relief. It also has a lot of uses. CBD oil can be found in creams, salves, and balms, which are used for pain relief and skincare. There are also fat-soluble CBD for recipes that call for using cannabidiol oil or butter, making it great for baking cookies, cakes, and other desserts. Since CBD oil is highly potent, it is a good product for those with severe medical conditions that cause a lot of pain and discomfort.

What is a CBD Tincture?

This CBD tincture is a cannabis product made by refining the oil from hemp and marijuana plants using alcohol and water. They are popular with consumers because they provide a high amount of CBD. They also contain a variety of herbs and flavor additives that improve nutritional value, taste and increase overall health benefits.

Alcohol is used in the refining process because it increases the body’s absorption rate and preserves the product so it does not expire too soon. Doing this can extend the tincture’s shelf life by years. Another reason why cbd tinctures absorb into the body so well is that they can be taken sublingually, meaning the user places the liquid under the tongue and allows it to be absorbed through the mucous membranes.

CBD tinctures can also be added to recipes. They can be put in coffee or a favorite dish once they are prepared. Water-soluble CBD is available for those who want to use these tinctures specifically for cooking.

CBD Oil vs. Tincture: Similarities

Many people think that these CBDs are the same things, but they are not. The reason why people think they are the same is because they come in similar packaging, usually tinted glass or plastic bottles so that the light is filtered out. CBD kept in containers with colored glass lasts longer than it would otherwise. The sunlight can damage cannabis oil or liquid inside.

They are also available with droppers for people who like to take them sublingually. With the dropper, put a few drops of CBD under the tongue and let it sit for a few moments without swallowing. Most experts recommend that the user wait 10 seconds before swallowing. Doing this will cause getting the highest amount of CBD.

CBD Oil vs. Tincture: Major Differences

CBD tinctures use alcohol in the manufacturing process, and sometimes vinegar or vegetable glycerin is also used. They also have more ingredients in them than do CBD oils, especially if they are flavored. The extra ingredients in tinctures that improve the flavor are a reason why some people like them over oils. Some people, though, prefer the more bland taste of CBD oil. Tinctures come in several flavors, including vanilla, mango, and chocolate.

CBD oils and tinctures can both be used topically, but it is better to use oils for this purpose. The ingredients in the tinctures could cause skin irritation. Salves, creams, and lotions that use CBD oil produce much better results than cbd tinctures. Once they apply to the area causing pain, inflammation, or itchiness, the relief comes quickly without the side effects of cbd tinctures.

How Are They Produce?

They both have CBD oil, but the production methods have a difference. The ingredients can also be different depending on the company making them. Typically, carbon dioxide, hydrocarbon, and alcohol extraction are the most popular methods of creating cannabis oils and tinctures.

CBD Oil vs. Tincture: Ingredients

CBD oils use grapeseed or coconut oil as a carrier for the CBD. Cannabis oils provide users with CBD in its purest form, so there should be few if any ingredients inside other than the carrier oil. The oil is an essential component of this product because it dilutes the CBD, making it easier for the body to consume. The oils usually are:

  • Vegetable glycerin
  • Coconut oil
  • Hemp seed oil
  • Grapeseed oil

The amount of CBD in the oil can be different depending on the concentration of the customer orders and the manufacturing techniques of the producer.

Tinctures have less CBD than oils because tinctures have those ingredients that turn themselves more palatable. Common ingredients found in tinctures are:

  • Chamomile
  • Melatonin
  • Water
  • Vitamins
  • Lavender, peppermint, grapefruit and other oils
  • Sweeteners

Chamomile and melatonin helps the body relax, which helps people to sleep. Sweeteners, though, serve merely to improve the flavor, as do the oils. Vitamins are useful for helping people with vitamin deficiencies get the nutrients they need to stay healthy.

CBD Oil vs. Tincture: Production Methods

Carbon dioxide and hydrocarbon extraction are the most common methods for making CBD oil. The carbon dioxide method works by applying different air pressures and heating the hemp plant to different temperatures to extract all the CBD. Using carbon dioxide is the best extraction technique for obtaining highly pure CBD. The hydrocarbon method works by using a solvent to gather up the cannabinoids and terpenes.

To make cbd tinctures, manufacturers typically use ethanol and carbon dioxide extraction methods. Alcohol extraction is also an efficient production method. The alcohol extraction method calls for heating the hemp plants and saturating them in ethanol or isopropyl. One of the advantages of using this method is that it is faster than using the carbon dioxide method. Tinctures are also a highly pure form of CBD but are not as refined as oils.

Delivery Methods and Uses

CBD Oils can be used in a variety of ways:

  • CBD oil can be vaped, which is one of the most popular ways to take it into the body
  • Those who want to take it sublingually can purchase CBD oil drops
  • Capsules and soft gels are available, but they take longer to kick in than other methods
  • Lotions, creams, and salves infused with CBD oil can be rubbed on the skin for a complete whole-body effect
  • Many CBD infused foods have a lower potency, making them great for first-time users

Tinctures are generally less potent than oils, but they are sweeter, making it easier to take them sublingually. Also, because of their flavor, tinctures can be added to food at a dosage the user deems appropriate for him or herself.

These CBDs have a variety of medical uses. They can help treat:

  • Anxiety and mood disorders
  • Insomnia
  • Pain and inflammation
  • Skin disorders
  • Addiction
  • Nausea

Since oil has a higher concentration of CBD, it is more effective at treating more severe conditions like cancer, Parkinson’s disease, and epilepsy.

Choosing the Right Dosage

People who have never tried CBD should not consume an excessive dosage. Taking too much CBD can have several side effects as indigestion and fatigue. First-timers should choose the smallest dosage possible when they buy cannabis oil or tincture. One might even consider trying CBD edibles because the body gets less CBD when it is consumed in an edible form. Eating things like gummies will give people time to get used to CBD. Once accustomed to edibles, a person can then upgrade to CBD tincture or oil.

There are several other factors that a person should take into consideration when deciding on a dosage of CBD:

  • Medical condition severity
  • Bodyweight
  • Method of consumption

Here is a dosage guideline to help adult CBD users determine how much they need:

  • Seizures, cancer and Parkinson’s disease: 60 – 100 mg
  • Depression, anxiety, and severe pain: 40 mg
  • Insomnia and inflammation: 20 mg
  • Normal everyday use: 10 mg

Parents with children who need CBD:

  • Seizures, cancer, and multiple sclerosis: 30 – 40 mg
  • Depression, anxiety, and severe pain: 20 mg
  • Insomnia and inflammation: 10 mg
  • Normal everyday use: 5 mg

Why prices are high?

There are several reasons why these product categories are expensive. The main reason why prices are so high is because of production and labor costs. Before the price is set by the company, they must first be sure they can cover all the expenses associated with producing the products and paying their employees. The prices can also be higher or lower depending on where they are being sold and the demand in that region.

The prices might not be that high for a long time, though. As the demand for CBD oils and tinctures grows, producers will search for ways to make the production process more efficient and cheaper. Another reason to expect lower prices is that automation will help companies to lower their labor costs.

Do not buy ridiculously cheap CBD products. Most likely, they contain low-quality ingredients, or the company used sub-par manufacturing methods. Using these products could cause severe health problems. Many of these low-cost products have steel or butane in the cannabis oil or tincture, and others are just imitations with no CBD in them. Products with zero CBD are especially dangerous for health because the fillers they used to produce cannabis oil or liquid are unknown. Always buy CBD products from trusted brands and distributors.

One way of making sure the manufacturing process of CBD products is legitimate and that the ingredients are not harmful is by looking for third-party lab results and lists of ingredients on their websites. Manufacturers that use safe manufacturing methods always post the results of lab tests and ingredients on their site. Those that do not should be avoided. Checking for lists of ingredients is especially important when buying CBD tinctures because some of them could cause an allergic reaction.

Why to choose either one?

When deciding to use CBD tincture or oil, the first question to ask is: “Is this treatment right for me?” People who are breastfeeding, have certain medical conditions, or who are taking other medications should know that they need to schedule an appointment with a doctor before making a purchase.

How to choose between them?

They are the best ways to get the necessary amount of CBD. They are not only effective, but they act quickly to provide relief – much faster than edibles or capsules. Oil and alcohol solutions make them easier for the body to digest, getting the CBD into the bloodstream faster. CBD oil works faster than a cbd tincture, though, and it provides more relief, so people in severe pain should choose its over oil. Those who want to take CBD orally, though, will probably find the tinctures easier to tolerate because of the flavorings added to them.

When deciding between CBD oil vs tincture, which do you more often choose and why? Please let us know by leaving a comment below!


Janet Miller

Janet Miller

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