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CBD Oil for ADHD: How it Helps Treat the Symptoms of ADHD

Janet Miller

Janet Miller

Last updated: November 20, 2019

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ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) is a mental health disorder that affects millions of children and adults worldwide. Having this condition makes it more challenging to concentrate on essential tasks.
There are pharmaceutical treatments available for this disorder, but many are seeking more holistic options for themselves or their kids. People wanting to find something else besides Adderall and Riddilin should look at CBD oil. It can be an alternative treatment for this disease. New information is coming out every day on how this compound can reduce the symptoms of ADHD. There is research that CBD oil can relieve symptoms of anxiety, so it can be thought that cannabis products, can be a treatment for relieving symptoms of ADHD.

CBD Oil for ADHD: Explanation

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The brain of people with ADHD have differences in their brains that affect their abilities to do things like sitting still, stay focused on work, or pay attention. The inability to do these things affects performance in school and work, relationships, and home life. All people at one point or another have these problems, but ADHD exacerbates them. Signs of ADHD include:

  • Difficulty Concentrating: Children with ADHD get easily distracted and are unable to finish their homework on time and do not pay attention in class. These habits often lead to office referrals and bad grades on their report cards. Adults with this disorder typically miss essential details in their tasks, turn them in late, or lose track of things too often.
  • Hyperactivity: ADHD causes children to fidget and become restless because they get bored too quickly. They get bad marks for disruptive behavior on their report cards because they cannot stay silent in class, and they play or roughhouse when it is not appropriate.
  • Impulsivity: Children and adults with this disorder do things without thinking about the consequences, often interrupting others in mid-sentence, doing things without permission, or taking excessive risks. Others have overly intense emotional reactions to situations they do not like.

Parents and adults having to deal with this disorder do not always want to use treatment by medications prescribed to them or their children by psychiatrists in 2019. They are resorting to using CBD to control hyperactivity, impulsiveness, and inattentiveness.

Can CBD for ADHD Help Ease Symptoms?

The journal Plos One published a research piece detailing the experiences of people who used CBD oil for ADHD. After identifying 268 separate forum threads, they selected 20 percent of them and looked at 401 different posts. They found that 25 percent of those posts indicated that a cannabis product helped users control their ADHD, while only eight percent claimed it was harmful. CBD has various effects on the cells in the brain. Thus people can use it as a treatment for reducing symptoms.

It is not surprising that cannabis can help them to control their symptoms. People with ADHD have lower levels of dopamine and norepinephrine. These chemicals help to regulate parts of the brain that control hyperactivity, concentration, and impulsiveness. CBD for ADHD can help to regulate dopamine and norepinephrine levels.

Medical Studies Regarding CBD Oil for ADHD

Anecdotes are not enough to make a judgment on whether to buy CBD for ADHD. There is empirical medical research available on how CBD oil for ADHD can bring positive effects on those suffering from this disorder.

Researchers in Germany have been studying the effects of CBD on ADHD. In 2015, these scientists conducted a study on 30 patients diagnosed with ADHD. These subjects were administered CBD, and they reported that they slept better, were less impulsive, and were able to concentrate better. Scientists conducted another study on adults in 2017 and learned that CBD oil improved their symptoms.

There are still states out there that have laws or regulations criminalizing selling, buying, and using CBD. Even in states where it is legal, there are still rules on how much users can carry. Others have banned it that has trace amounts of THC.

  • In South Dakota and Nebraska, cannabis is illegal in all forms.
  • Other states will require the user to have a prescription for it.

Before buying CBD, know what the law says in your jurisdiction regarding its sale and possession. Avoid taking it into airports or through customs.

How to Use CBD Oil for ADHD

The good thing about using CBD for ADHD is that it comes in many forms in 2019. Customers can buy:

CBD Tinctures

Tinctures are the most efficient way to ingest CBD oil because it has the highest bioavailability, meaning more of it gets into the body.

  • They are administered sublingually by placing several drops under the tongue. Once the liquid is under the tongue, leave it there for 30 to 90 seconds so that the mucous membranes can absorb it.
  • Users can add the tinctures to food or drink, and they come in a variety of flavors, including natural and citrus. Distributors have concentrations starting at 250 to over 1,000 mg.

CBD Vape oil

Vape oil is another way to use CBD for ADHD, but only adults should use this delivery method.

  • The e-cigarette heats the oil, and then the vapor is inhaled.
  • Users can choose to vape with refillable or non-refillable cartridges, and they can also buy disposable e-cigs preloaded with CBD oil.
    • A lot of vaping oils can be used as tinctures, too.

      CBD Edibles

      Edibles are another popular way to administer CBD oil for ADHD, especially with children in 2019.

      • The edibles come in forms like chocolate, gummy worms, and drinks like coffee and tea.
      • Children will shy away from capsules and tinctures containing CBD oil, but they will not be wary of gummy bears or chocolates.
      • They are also suitable for adults who have never before used CBD for ADHD. However, they can be expensive, with containers often costing over $40.00.

      CBD Capsules

      • Capsules are a good option for users who do not like the flavor of tinctures, do not vape, or do not want to buy a bag of CBD infused sugary foods.

      Can You Give CBD Oil for ADHD to Children?

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      There is no reason to believe that CBD oil for ADHD is bad for children in 2019. If given a dosage that is right for their size and age, it will help them to stay better focused in school and display more socially acceptable behaviors. Many children will be reluctant to try tinctures and capsules because of their taste and texture, and they certainly should not be allowed to vape. Since children like candy, it is best to give them CBD infused treats, as previously mentioned.

      Even though states are legalizing CBD and public perceptions about it are changing, cannabis products still carry a highly negative stigma amongst law enforcement and local officials. If you plan on using it to treat your child’s ADHD, be exceptionally knowledgeable about what the law in your jurisdiction says about giving these products to minors.

      The best thing to do when considering whether to give a child it, or cannabis products are to discuss the issue with a doctor or mental health professional.

      How Much CBD Oil for ADHD Should Children Take?

      The US Food and Drug Administration does not have any guidelines on dosages for CBD oil for ADHD. When giving it to a child, there are several things to take into consideration:

      • The Severity of the Symptoms
      • Body Mass
      • Metabolism

      All of the above factors influence how a child will react to it and how much should be given. As a general rule, though, one milligram of CBD per one kilogram of body weight is a good baseline from which to start. Increase dosage gradually increased as needed.
      Even one vial dropper of the 500 mg sublingual CBD for your kid can be effective. In severe diseases like cancer, or fibromyalgia, the dosage can be between 20 mg to 1000mg per day.

      When a child is first given CBD, he or she should not receive a high dosage. Doing so will cause the child to be sick for several hours.

      How Long Does CBD for ADHD Last in Children?

      Everyone’s body is different, so CBD for ADHD can take several hours to a few days to take effect. Children who are heavy-set take longer to feel the effects of CBD, while smaller children will feel them more immediately. It has to be administered every day for several weeks to see the full effect.

      The length of time CBD stays in the system is also influenced by several variables. Children who are more physically active will not keep the compound in their bodies as long as those who are more sedentary. Physically active children drink more water, and it leaves their bodies more quickly.

      Is It Safe to Use CBD Oil for ADHD Children?

      Parents are understandably concerned that they are exposing their children to a product that is unhealthy. Others also believe that CBD for ADHD is addictive. CBD does not have any long term side-effects, and the short term side effects are mild. CBD products are GMO-free, and they do not contain any harmful substances like chemical fertilizers or pesticides. They are also lab tested to make sure they are safe for consumption.

      CBD for ADHD is not habit-forming, nor does it have any psychoactive effects on the brain. Brands sold in the United States have less than 0.3 percent of THC, and others do not have any THC in them at all. Giving CBD to a child under a doctor or psychiatrist’s supervision is perfectly safe.

      Final Thoughts on CBD Oil for ADHD

      CBD is ideal for people affected by ADHD who are seeking holistic treatment of this disorder. It can decrease restlessness, increase concentration, and make users less inclined towards impulsivity. Medical research has shown that it works and that children and adults can use it in their treatment.

      Do you use CBD for ADHD, or do you give it to your child? If so, we would like to hear from you. Please tell us how using cannabidiol oils has made dealing with this weakness easier. Also, feel free to tell us which products work best for you.


Janet Miller

Janet Miller

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