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CBD Oil Dosage for Dogs: What Are the Safe and Effective Numbers?

Janet Miller

Janet Miller

Last updated: December 13, 2019

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CBD is showing promises in treating conditions like anxiety, nausea, seizures, chronic pain, and heart-related issues. Choosing the correct CBD oil dosage for dogs can be confused for pet owners.

The right CBD dosage for a dog depends on the conditions dog owners want to treat. In severe diseases like cancer, it is recommended more significant doses. In case if a dog suffers from anxiety, a lower dose can be useful.

A medical study has shown that CBD has a beneficial impact on the endocannabinoid system, which allows to hemp to help relieve the symptoms.

Benefits of Using CBD for Dogs

Before beginning to consider the appropriate CBD oil dosage for dogs, owners should already have a clear picture of what advantages their dog can derive from CBD. At best, you can expect CBD for dogs benefits to mirror that of a human’s. Below are the perks of giving these products to your canine buddy:

  • Relief from the moderate to the extreme pain
  • Better management of stress and anxiety symptoms
  • Addressing and preventing epileptic seizures
  • Effective treatment for arthritis and pain arising from the joints
  • Relief from specific cancer symptoms
  • Protection from gastrointestinal issues
  • Nausea relief
  • Anti-inflammatory

Nowadays, veterinarians are not hesitating to give it to dogs to immediately ease anxiety symptoms, similar to traditional medicine. However, continuing studies regarding CBD for dogs have already confirmed that it goes beyond that sole benefit, having been proven to provide the above-mentioned positive effects to a dog.

Same as in humans, once it interacts with the dog’s endocannabinoid system’s receptors, the former begins to reduce the effect of anxiety, pain, and nausea, among others, for any pet dog.

One another benefit of proper it is that it is an all-natural treatment that does not have the usual side effects associated with conventional medications. Just look at any drug side effect chart, and the top ones are almost always kidney and liver damage.

However, that is not to say that caution should not be exercised when using these products on a dog. That is why every owner should verify the correct CBD oil dosage for dogs.

Are There Any Risks of Using CBD Oil for Dogs?

The most compelling risk that owners should be mindful of when doing CBD oil dogs’ treatment is the chance of overdosing. Overdosing from THC, in particular, should be the primary concern.

Some products still contain trace amounts of THC, after all. As for confirmed side effects, it depends on the degree of overdose. Severe overdoses can lead to lengthy durations of symptoms that range from an inability to stand to appetite loss.

Any inkling of a pet overdosing should be considered as a medical emergency by the owner and warrants a prompt visit to the veterinarian. It is essential to make it clear, though, that life-threatening issues that can arise from CBD dosage for dogs are sporadic.

It is better to take a more careful approach and be sure to limit the dogs’ CBD oil used to suggest dosages. There is some risk of excessive marijuana exposure to any dog. Thus, it is right and smart to be more careful with the dose of all these products.

Furthermore, it is also equally imperative to be mindful of any extra ingredient that the these products may have. These ingredients should be checked for their toxicity risk. That is because they are usually not manufactured like standard dog treats, which are always designed with the sensitivity of the pet to these ingredients in mind. Best to stay a step ahead of them to keep the dog from encountering more issues like allergy too.

How Much CBD Should I Give to My Dog?

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Recommendations for CBD oil dosage for dogs are usually the same for humans, at least, at the beginner level. The general suggestion is to start with small doses first, regardless of what the CBD manufacturer’s dosing guidelines are. It is only after doing these initial doses that the owner should start following those guidelines.

Before asking ‘How much CBD oil should I give my dog,’ it is best to have already a clear purpose for using it on the dog. Is it for easing anxiety and seizures, or is it for arthritis pain relief? Confirm and answer these questions before doing any dose calculation for any given pet breed. Below is an excellent tutorial on how to calculate the optimal dosage for dogs.

Calculating the Ideal CBD Dosage for Dogs

Proper dosage for dogs can only be done by taking note of the pet’s weight (in lbs). Weight mainly determines the amount of CBD (in milligrams) the dog should take. The safest recommendation is 0.2mg of CBD for every lb.

It is a given that it does not contain pure CBD, so it is also crucial to calculate how much millimeters of oil should be given based on the actual amount of CBD in the oil. The concentration of CBD in the oil is always readily revealed in most tinctures, so this should not be hard to determine.

The most common and recommended 300mg formula usually contains 10mg of CBD per ml of oil. If, for example, a 22 lbs dog is being treated, it will need 0.4ml of the 300mg formula. From this example, it is easy to make lbs to the chart, which can be used as a consistent reference for dosing. It would also help to list any changes to the weight on the table, in-lbs every time to make things easier for both owners and pets.

Small-sized pets usually are not recommended to be dosed with higher concentrations of CBD (e.g., 600mg) because it can be quite a challenge to administer it to a relatively tiny dog with the standard-issue syringes that any product often comes with. Instead, use suitable droppers or even spoons, assuming the dose has already been measured correctly for the dog.

How to Give CBD Oil for a Dog?

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The mention of difficulty of administration above merits a guide on how owners can give dog CBD dosages more effectively.

There may be CBD topical options available, but it is generally preferred to give CBD oil to dogs orally to maximize benefits. Some dogs might not enjoy the taste of the oil or its texture. If this is the case, it is advised to take the time to look for the CBD product whose flavor the dog will come to love like his favorite pet treats.

Other recommended methods of administration include adding it to the food or mixing it with treats.

Otherwise, there is always the straight approach of applying it directly to the dog’s mouth with a medicine dropper. This particular method is also preferred because it is the best way to make sure that the CBD would be absorbed optimally and bring about the desired benefits. Be sure to use the correct CBD dose based on the right weight in lbs every time.

What to Do If a Dog Got a Wrong Dose of CBD Oil?

In the event of incorrect CBD oil dosage for dogs, the first step to take is not to panic. In fact, there really is no need to worry too much. Almost all right products have limited amounts of THC that should not be a cause of concern in the event of a single wrongly administered dose. This is especially true if the CBD products used on the pet are guaranteed to contain zero THC.

Nonetheless, watch out for symptoms of dog overdose mentioned above. If the dog only exhibits benign symptoms like drowsiness or docility, there really is no reason to treat it as an emergency. Always remember that CBD oil is non-toxic. It is only the THC content that one needs to be mindful of when owners decide to give these products to their dog.

FAQs About CBD for Dogs

Will CBD Oil Make My Dog High?

This question is understandable because it is still, after all, a marijuana product. It is also a relatively popular query that lots of owners are needlessly worrying over. The answer is no, any CBD oil dosage for dogs will not get the dog ‘high’. CBD is a non-psychoactive substance so that it will have no substantial effect on cognitive brain activity.

Can Dogs Overdose on CBD Oil?

The matter of overdosing is not so much about CBD as THC. The likelihood of overdosing from it due to its THC content is highly unlikely because it is very minimal, and brands often have strict guidelines in place as far as THC in it is concerned.

Nonetheless, overdosing should not be completely ruled out as well. In the end, it is better to stay safe by following correct guidelines on CBD oil dosage for dogs. As long as these CBD dosages are given and followed, owners need not fear of harming their pets at all.

Final Thoughts: Always Follow the Suggested CBD Oil Dosage for Dogs

To spare yourself from any unneeded stress or worry, we are strict adherence to CBD dosage for dogs is encouraged. Since the dosage is related to weight, as evidenced by the dosing chart, taking the time to know your dog’s current weight in lbs will surely do a lot of good too.

Remember that it is a non-toxic compound, and it can’t cause an overdose in your dog.

Have you ever given CBD oil for your dogs? How did it work? Or, if you are already using it for your pet, do not hesitate to share your experiences in the comment section below.


Janet Miller

Janet Miller

Janet is a medical specialist with 10 years of experience as a physician and writing passion. She aims to help people and expand humans mindset. Chat with Janet on Twitter @Janet_Miller_MD or via our contact page.


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