Best CBD Wax and CBD Dabs of 2020

Janet Miller

Janet Miller

November 27, 201914 min read

CBD waxes and dabs are solid concentrates of CBD.
Cannabidiol waxes and concentrates are not intoxicating as the substance itself provides no high effect
Wax hemp extracts can be used with the same vapes, rigs, other devices for their THC concentrates. The old-fashioned way of consuming CBD Waxes also works well — use a torch/water pipe combo to take CBD wax products.

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10 Score
CBDFx Concentrated Raw Dabs

CBDFx Concentrated Raw Dabs

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CBDistillery Wax – 80% Broad Spectrum

CBDistillery Wax – 80% Broad Spectrum

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Pinnacle CBD Crumble

Pinnacle CBD Crumble

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All the Best CBD Wax Concentrates Out Right Now

Cannabidiol waxes and concentrates differ in minor things: strength, purity and consistency. Solid hemp extract CBD products are used for getting a CBD dose quicker to the bloodstream after inhaling. This means faster effect, and pain relief or other symptom treatment.

CBDFx Concentrated Raw Dabs

#1 CBDFx Concentrated Raw Dabs


  • 100% organic hemp extract
  • Suitable for vaping or sublingual consumption





    a rice grain sized portion


    Available on site


    CBD rich hemp oil

Concentrates for Vaping or Oral Use

CBDFx Raw Drops offer users an organic, 100% cannabidiol product with no added substances. This hemp extract is an isolate, so it does not feature any other cannabinoids. The CBD content of the 1 gram container is 300mg per serving, with a total of twenty servings possible. Each gram consists of 30% oil, and the rest is solid cannabidiol.

Users can take a small, grain-sized amount of this wax sublingually as well as with any compatible vape concentrates pen. CBDFx made Raw Drops specifically for dabbing and vaporizing. If someone does not want to vape the extract, they can take a small serving under their tongue, hold it there for 30 seconds and then swallow.

CBDistillery Wax – 80% Broad Spectrum

#2 CBDistillery Wax – 80% Broad Spectrum


  • Suitable for vaping, dabbing and oral ingestion
  • Full-spectrum product





    • Inflammation relief
    • Suppress anxiety
    • Pain relief

    Mix of CBD and CBG

A Versatile Product

CBDistillery offers an 80% broad-spectrum cbd wax product suitable for vaping or oral ingestion. The wax features several active components like cannabigerol, along with several terpenes and amino acids. Users taking this product, whether vaping it or ingesting it, can expect to feel the full-entourage effect of all the active cannabinoids interacting with the human endocannabinoid system.

The wax weighs about 1g and has an 800mg CBD content. The substance is versatile, as users can even stir the wax into a hot beverage to take the compound as an edible. The product comes in a glass container with a screw-top so users can take it with them anywhere. The full lab report is also available online so users can confirm the cbd wax contains less than 0.03% THC.

Pinnacle CBD Crumble

#3 Pinnacle CBD Crumble


  • 400mg of CBD in one gram of concentrate
  • Full-spectrum and loaded with terpenes





    Available on site


    • Migraine relief
    • Anti-inflammatory effects
    • Pain relief

Fast-Acting Relief

Pinnacle CBD crumble is a high-dose cannabidiol concentrate for vaping or dabbing. The crumble has many other cannabinoids present in its formulation that gives users the full spectrum of effects. Lab reports show high-levels of cannabichromene, as well as cannabinol that will all lead to the entourage effect. The crumble has a thicker consistency than oil, and it can be used in many ways apart from vaping.

Users can blend it into hot beverages or even take it sublingually. The crumble is also rich in terpenes like linalool that gives this product its distinct flavor and aroma. Pinnacle recommends this crumble for fast-acting relief for things like anxiety and stress.

CBDistillery Terpsolate

#4 CBDistillery Terpsolate


  • 1000mg CBD content
  • Four strains available (indica, Sativa, and hybrid)



    nearly 1000mg


    Available on site


    • Relief pain and inflammation

    Anhydrous hemp oil, terpenoids

A Hybrid of Isolate and Terpenes

CBDistillery Terpsolate features a unique blend of CBD isolate and several terpenes strains. Users can select from among four different strains: Jack Herer, Tangie, Blue Dream and Cherry Pie, each with its taste and aroma. Since this concentrate is made only with isolate, it is 100% THC-free, and it contains almost 100% CBD. The pure nature of this concentrate means users can take this product without fear of getting a positive drug test result.

The makers extract the substance via CO2 extraction, which is the most effective way to get pure CBD. The compound is taken from industrial hemp, grown organically without any harmful chemicals or pesticides. The terpsolate has a crumbly consistency so users can vape a dab or they also blend it into a hot drink or even take it under the tongue.

CBDistillery Isolate Slab from Hemp

#5 CBDistillery Isolate Slab from Hemp


  • Contains close to 100% cannabidiol
  • 1 gram of product comes in a single glass jar



    nearly 1000mg


    Available on site


    • Pain relief
    • Sleeping

    Anhydrous hemp oil, no other active ingredients

A Pure Substance for Vaping or Ingesting

The isolate slab from CBDistillery is a cannabidiol isolate that comes in a crystalline, powder form. This version of CBD is very versatile as it can be mixed in with different foods and beverages. Users could also load a few dabs of this isolate into a vape pen to inhale the compound, which is also an effective way to dose. Like with most concentrates products, this isolate can also be taken alone, and orally with a small amount placed under the tongue.

The concentrate was extracted from industrial hemp plants, specifically the stems and stalks. The plants themselves were grown without the use of pesticides, and the end product contains no harmful chemicals or GMOs.

CBD Wax by Genesis

#6 CBD Wax by Genesis


  • Extracted via C02 extraction
  • 200mg of cannabidiol





    Available on site


    • Relief anxiety and stress
    • Mood improvement

    Pure C02 Extracted Hemp

A Solid CBD Concentrate

The CBD Wax from Genesis comes from organically-grown, hemp plants. The compound itself is extracted via supercritical C02 extraction. This form of removal guarantees the product is free of harmful metals or toxins. The CBD wax is a full spectrum extract so users can expect to reap the benefits of all the cannabinoids and terpenes in the mix. There are only trace amounts of THC, as the lab report shows, with the psychoactive compound coming in at less than 0.2%.

The wax has more solid consistency, so Genesis recommends using it with a vape concentrates pen. The weight of the product comes in at 1 gram with a cannabidiol content of around 200mg.

What is CBD Wax?

CBD wax is a concentrated form of the cannabis compound that usually has:

  • No added components like cutting or thinning agents
  • No propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin
  • No additional flavorings or additives
  • No THC

CBD wax is another form the hemp extract can take apart from oils and other liquids, like tinctures. Cannabidiol wax is also very versatile, as users can ingest it in several ways, one of them being vaping it. The wax version of the hemp extract can also contain higher quantities of the substance. This means users can vape, ingest, or swallow a small amount to feel its effects.

What is Dabbing CBD Wax?

Dabbing is a way of consuming extract and concentrates. Taking a “dab” means inhaling heated wax using a vaporizer pen, butane torch or water pipe.
When users place the dab onto the heated coil atomizer, the wax melts and becomes vapor that the user then inhales. It is a common way to ingest cannabis concentrates.

How to use CBD wax?

There are several different ways to use cannabidiol wax. Users can:

  • Place a small, rice-grain sized piece under their tongue and let it dissolve there
  • Melt a small portion of CBD wax into a hot beverage and then drink it
  • Vaporize a small amount using a vape pen or butane torch and pipe

Best Pen for Hemp Extract Waxes

Several CBD waxes were made with vaping in mind. They were formulated and designed to melt upon touching the hot coil atomizer of a vape concentrates pen. Only not all dab pens are made the same. For instance, some are portable, and others are stationary or designed for home use. Anyone who wants to vape cannabidiol wax should know which devices are the best for them. The following are two of the most popular and versatile accessories for vaping CBD waxes.

KandyPens Crystal Black Wax Pen

#1 KandyPens Crystal Black Wax Pen


  • Four different power/heat settings
  • Micro-USB charging
  • Glass mouthpiece and atomizer ensure excellent vapor quality

Smooth Flavor, Smoother Operation

The KandyPens Crystal Black is a concentrates pen with an internal 900mAh battery. It features a stainless steel exterior covered in all-black and one-button operation. The device has four power settings, ranging from 2.6V to 4.2V. Users can switch between them by pressing the fire button three times quickly.

Down the front of the device, four LEDs show the current heat setting, as well as battery life. The top section of the device features the all-glass, extended mouthpiece along with the quartz glass atomizer cup. The glass cup sits atop a nichrome heating coil, so no material touches the wire. Vapers load a small dab into the bowl, activate the device, select their heating level, and let the material vaporize.

Best Desktop Vape for CBD Waxes

The Volcano Vaporizer

#1 The Volcano Vaporizer


  • Medical-grade build materials (stainless steel)
  • Compatible with a smartphone app via onboard Bluetooth connection

Reworking a Classic

The Volcano Vaporizer started life strictly as a herb and botanicals vape device. Now, with the advent of cannabis concentrates, the Volcano can also vape waxes. The Volcano is not for portable vaping. It is large and weighs over six pounds.

The new Volcano still vapes dry herb material in its 30mm (1.1”) diameter material chamber, but it can also take dabs. The front-facing control panel allows for precision temperature control with a digital readout and two adjustment buttons. The Volcano has a temperature range of between 104F and 410F.

The Volcano also blends conduction and convection heating. Users can take a hit off the Volcano via the Balloon or Whip-style of inhalation. The Volcano even features the options to have a fan-assist so vapers can improve the airflow of their hit.

What do Dabs Feel Like?

Two things to remember about dabs, in general, especially about CBD dabs:

  • CBD is non-intoxicating, so there is no “high”
  • The vapor production is strong

Concentrates are precisely that:
they are concentrated versions of other substances that otherwise combine with different forms.
Cannabidiol occurs naturally in the hemp plant, but the content can be extracted, so users consume none of the plant material or other chemicals like THC.

This means that the dosage can be very strong depending on the amount of extract in the CBD wax. Still, as cannabidiol is non-intoxicating, even if vapers use a large amount the effects will not be as heady as with intoxicating cannabis concentrates.

But as stated above, one thing that may catch people off-guard about hemp extract dabs is the amount of vapor. This also depends on the device someone is using to dab or vaporize their extract. If someone has a device, like the KandyPens Crystal Glass that has variable heat settings, they may want to start at the lowest heat setting and then go up from there.

Is CBD Dab Safe?

Dabs, especially CBD ones, are safe.

They contain no additives or flavorings or any of the other substances that dilute the oil to make it viscous like propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin.

A quick review of lab reports provided by manufacturers can attest to this purity, not to mention the ingredients lists that show near 100% CBD content. If someone has respiratory problems or would rather not inhale the vapor, they could also ingest CBD wax dabs orally or melt them into their favorite hot drink.

What are the effects of CBD Dab?

The effects differ among strains, concentration, and consistency. Some waxes have higher levels of specific cannabinoids, other than cannabidiol, which produce different results. They also contain things like terpenes and amino acids, but those contribute more to the taste and smell of dabs, rather than the physiological effects.

As dabs are concentrated forms of hemp extract, the effects, whatever they may be – stress-relief, pain relief, anti-inflammatory – come on fast if the dab is vaped. If someone takes a dab under the tongue or drinks it, the effects might begin a little later than with vaping.

Vaping vs. Dabs: Which are Better?

Vaping and dabbing are technically the same; only the material being vaped is different. When people talk about vaping CBD, they usually mean when it is in oil form and when it’s combined with agents like propylene glycol or glycerin to make it thinner.

Dabs, on the other hand, are pure cannabidiol so they are not mixed with anything else and users get only the extract. So if someone wants only pure CBD, they would opt for dabs or waxes, which is cannabidiol in its purest form.

They could even dilute the CBD wax into something else and take it that way in case they do not want to vape. The thing with dabs, however, is that to vape them, people need special concentrate pens that work primarily with waxes.

Concentrates pens are not super-expensive, but they cost more than a pre-filled oil cartridge that is disposable and needs no filling. Then again, CBD oil does not always have to be vaped. People can take it orally as well as add it to foods and beverages.

Vaping CBD Wax


  • Easy-to-use

  • No mess, no refilling (if using pre-fills)

  • More flavor variety

  • Less expensive


  • The oil is cut with other agents

  • Cannabidiol content is diluted

Dabbing CBD Wax


  • Wax is a purer, unadulterated form of CBD

  • It is versatile (it can be vaped, eaten, and drunk)

  • No cutting agents or other additives

  • The effects come on much stronger


  • Special equipment (vape pen) needed (if vaped)

  • It can be messy

  • More expensive

How are CBD Concentrates Made?

How CBD waxes are made determines strength, purity and consistency. Which also influences the time CBD wax need to get effective. CBD concentrates are made in many different ways. There are methods that people can use to make their CBD wax at home, while others are the way most commercially available CBD waxes are made.

Liquid Extraction via Solvents

Using a natural solvent like ethanol or butane was the method of choice for early cannabidiol extraction, and it still is for DIY blenders.

The plant material (stems, leaves, buds) is submerged in the solvent of choice and then filtered to extract all the active ingredients.

The process looks straightforward and yields an average concentration of cannabidiol, but it comes with risks. Butane, ethanol, and other solvents are highly flammable, and any mistake in their use could lead to disastrous results. Residue from the solvent could also seep into the final product, which can cause serious health problems for whoever uses it.

Extraction via Olive Oil

Extraction via olive oil is another standard, DIY method with a twist.

Instead of dousing the plant material in a solvent, the buds and leaves are heated first or “decarboxylated” in the oven to release the active chemicals inside.

Once the concentrated oils, acids, and terpenes have come out, users then add oil and heat the mixture for at least a few hours.
Afterward, the mixture is strained and the resulting oil can be frozen to create a waxy end product.

Cold or Hot-Press

Using a mechanical or digital oil press is another common way to extract cannabidiol from plant material. The only problem is that these machines can cost a lot of money and are mostly for commercial use (CBD manufacturers and vendors). There are oil presses for home use that are smaller and more affordable, but they may not yield the best results, like with the industrial-strength, heavy-duty cold or hot presses.

CO2 Extraction

CO2 extraction is one of the more high-tech methods to extract active substances in hemp. This method is what commercial cannabidiol producers rely on, as it produces a cleaner, purer product. It is also much safer and uses no potentially harmful solvents. C02 extraction, however, is costly and complicated, requiring specialized equipment and trained personnel to do it successfully.

The Rosin Technique

This method borrows heavily from hot-pressed and is for DIY “blasters” (as people who make cannabis concentrates at home are called). This method uses a hot hair straightener and some parchment paper to hot-press the concentrate out of the raw plant. Users can make as much or as little concentrate as they want, no matter if it is cannabidiol or other extracts. The best part about this technique is that it uses no harmful solvents, it produces CBD wax instantly, and it is relatively safe to do at home.

In 2018, Congress passed the Agriculture Improvement Act or Farm Bill that effectively legalized the cultivation and sale of industrial hemp, from which commercial CBD products are made. The law is clear, however, in setting restrictions on the amount of THC allowable in the end products, which is 0.3%.

Besides, the 0.3% allowable limit, all hemp growers and farmers must be licensed by both state and federal authorities. They must also follow strict guidelines on how the plants are grown, cultivated, and transported. As long as hemp, and by extension, cannabidiol, are made according to the law, then people need not worry about possessing or buying commercial CBD products.

CBD Wax and Dabs: Better than Oil?

CBD wax and CBD concentrates are enjoying a moment. The best CBD wax or the best CBD concentrate cost about the same as oils or other hemp extract products, but they are not mixed with any other substances. Vapers can take only a little “dab” of material and enjoy the benefits of cannabidiol by either vaping it or melting it into a hot drink. Waxes and dabs have various content ranges, and some of the concentrates even have terpene-based flavors that are all-natural.

For someone who has already tried every other cannabidiol product, waxes and dabs offer a more effective, and more potent variety. Do you think waxes and dabs are a more effective way to take cannabidiol? Do you prefer vaping extract over dabbing it? Let us know your thoughts by leaving us a comment below on what you think of dabbing.

Published: November 27, 2019

Updated: January 16, 2020


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