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CBDhow is dedicated to helping people learn about the positive effects CBD can have on their bodies.

We have all the information CBD users need to make smart decisions about buying CBD products. We have a dedicated team of professionals who are informed and enthusiastic about the possible medical benefits of CBD oil, and we believe that our knowledge can help people to make the most of CBD.

With CBD catching on with more and more people, it is crucial to find a trustworthy source of information that can provide credible facts and opinions on this topic, and CBDhow is that source.

Our mission

Our mission at CBDhow is to help people understand what CBD is, how it can bring relief to people suffering from serious medical problems, and what products are available for consuming it.

We all know someone or Man’s best friend, who has suffered from a dire medical ailment. It is incredibly difficult to stand by and watch them deal with this pain, and it is even harder to watch them endure the harmful side effects of the medicines they take.

CBD has huge potential in both: providing personal benefits, and in being an alternative medical treatment. In fact, there is already a drug on the market called Epidiolex, which has been approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration for two rare forms of childhood epilepsy.

We started CBDhow because we are passionate about CBD and changing perceptions about it. A lot of people have a lot of misconceptions about CBD oil because they associate with marijuana. This belief is unfounded. Oils and other products containing CBD do not use THC as an ingredient, so there are no psychoactive effects. Also, CBD by itself cannot get a person high.

By writing factual content that tells people about the true nature of CBD, we tear down falsehoods and stereotypes about this product.

Our Team

Our team consists of people who have the knowledge, a lot of unique talents and experience in regards to writing about CBD. Each team member was carefully chosen based on their ability to provide informative and factually correct articles. Many of them are CBD users themselves, meaning that our readership gets first-hand accounts about every item we review.

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Robert Hubbard

Founder of CBDhow

Mr. Hubbard — a former math teacher and coach who won a harrowing battle against cancer several years ago. During treatment, he suffered horrible side effects from the medication he was prescribed, not to mention the discomfort from the disease itself. To make treatment more bearable, doctors adviced using CBD. After overwhelming cancer and getting through the recovery, he started this website to spread the value of CBD. Mr. Hubbard enjoys volunteering and coaching football.

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Janet cbdhow writer

Dr. Janet (Laura) Miller

Senior Writer

Dr. Miller —  a retired physician who worked in the medical field for 15 years. She became interested in CBD after dispensaries visits. Janet began reading research to get to know more about the benefits. After becoming convinced that it could become an alternative medicinal treatment for a variety of ailments, she decided to begin writing for this site. When Dr. Miller is not working, she enjoys yoga and guitar playing.

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